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Happy Fourth of July everyone. I pray it is a lovely day. Growing up that was a busy day. There were activities at the city park with so many people milling around and kids running around. My cousins ​​always wanted to sit on the ground on a blanket. I was and still am scared of centipedes. I will not sit on a blanket on the ground. My husband is good at killing centipedes, especially at the office. At our house, he throws the squished centipedes to my chickens.

This is the only holiday that I like the color red. Seriously, Christmas and Valentine’s Day are not red here. My mother and my mother-in-law loved the color red and the Christmas green too. Those colors are only in Christmas decorations that my maternal grandmother liked to make. Crochet-types of things that are incredibly old now. But I have July 4 decorations; I call them my patriotic decorations. I do enjoy putting a bunting on my front porch. Only dreadful thing is, the wind has carried some away over the years. That’s life in the country.

I so enjoyed getting the bomb pops for the kids. We did red, white and blue cookies. The red and blue Jell-O in the USA shape. I have had that pan for over 30 years. I always shopped early so I could find all the stuff I wanted for the kids to do on the Fourth. We made flags and firecrackers out of all kinds of weird stuff. My old table looked like it was the center of this. So a tablecloth is not unusual for my tables. I have a newer table now that is taller. It still has a tablecloth on it. But this one so far is OK — but then again, my kids are grown.

I love to see flowers in the flower boxes and pots that are patriotic. It is so nice to see the carnations that come in all colors. The hanging baskets that are out are so nice. I love hanging baskets. It reminds me of when I used to macrame. It makes me miss the old clay pots. Not these colorful ceramic pots that change every year for the vogue colors. The old fashioned clay pots, I love them. I wish they weren’t so hard to find.

I am not too much with seeing the fireworks. I do not want to be near them, but it is interesting to see them go up. My dad was a member of a group that used CB radios to help with the law enforcement and the community when needed. He had been a volunteer firefighter in our hometown. He always helped with the fireworks in Guymon, where they lived. Mom and I watched from the park area.

We never had real fireworks at our house. We had the ones you pull and the paper pieces fly out. That was as close as I would or will get to any fireworks. But then again there are those like my dad that loved to set them off and help with a community viewing for the Fourth. Thank God for them because I am not that person.

I enjoy watching movies on holidays. I guess because I never do otherwise, but I do like certain ones. I love baseball/softball movies, but older ones. Not these new ones with all the bad language and questionable situations. I always liked the Babe Ruth story and Ted Williams. One of my favorite more current movies is “Independence Day.” It was on recently; I still watch it when it comes on.

I still don’t understand how to play a DVD on my TV. Well, this is another item for my lists of things to do. Then we can watch other holiday movies.

I love to make desserts for holidays. But with the heat, I usually like items that don’t need the oven. But I usually make red velvet cupcakes, because they are red. I usually put the cream cheese frosting on them with blue sprinkles. Red white and blue is patriotic, right? I have to make sure cupcakes are made in the morning before getting too hot.

I am sorry, but I plan all the time, even for 6 months away. Of course, be sure everything is out of the freezer for the grill. If you wait until the last minute, you will not find what you want. That is supply and demand at its worst.

With the current stuff happening, get it when you can.

Happy Fourth of July everyone. God bless us all. Remember we are all Americans.

Gena Sterling was born and raised in Texas. Gena also lived in Oklahoma, where she met her husband. She and her family moved to Roswell in January 1995. She can be reached at writingaddict57@gmail.com. The views expressed in this column are those of the author.


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