Growgreen Officially Launches Smart Home Gardening Device ASPARA in the US

Introduces New Personalized, IoT-Based Hydroponic Platform

NEW YORK, April 28, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — aspara by Growgreen – a leading in-door hydroponic smart grower system that helps you grow fresh and healthy-to-eat vegetables, fruits, and herbs, officially launches its IoT-based indoor gardening platform into the US marketplace. Growgreen has been operating in Hong Kong since 2016 and is now available in North America at leading home goods retailers including Lowe’s, Bed Bath & Beyond, Target, Macy’s, Wayfair and Kohl’s, as well as on Amazon and HSN.

Founded by Dr. Humphrey Leungaspara brings the beauty and bounty of nature indoors by growing vegetables, herbs, and flowers at home, indoors better and faster.

“We are thrilled to officially introduce aspara into the US market – the ultimate ‘green thumb’ aid that enables users the ability to watch beautiful vegetables, herbs, plants or flowers come to life, regardless of the season,” said Dr. Humphrey Leung, Founder and CEO. “We are committed to leveraging technology and environmentally friendly measures that enhance home planting, while also embodying a healthy living lifestyle, and creating a sustainable business that serves society.”

The aspara platform includes advanced technology and sensors that provide the best environment for plant growth. The IoT capability also enables users to easily check in and monitor the growth of their indoor garden even while away. Additionally, it connects to the aspara mobile app for remote monitoring, step-by-step guidance to successful planting and sharing with friends and family. The platform also includes unique plant programs that are specific to each plant species. Everyone can therefore easily grow vegetables, fruits, and herbs in their own home without soil, regardless of experience level.

Additionally, aspara is an attractive, user-friendly smart appliance with a minimalist, compact, and patented design that can be further personalized and fits seamlessly into different home environments and aesthetics.

The aspara kit also comes with a unique membership to the aspara Club, providing one-to-one support, updates and information on seeds, plants and seasonal promotions.

aspara®, built by Growgreen, are systems for growing healthy plants that are healthy for humans and healthy for the Earth. Located in Hong Kong Science Park, the city’s technology and innovation hub, Growgreen is a team of passionate professionals from the agriculture and electronics fields who apply technology to enhance planting. Growgreen develops smart hydroponic planting systems for homes, supports STEM education for schools, and promotes healthy lifestyles in the community. By addressing the needs of individuals, families, schools, and communities, asparalls enables healthy living for everyone by fostering the education of growing and harvesting plants with ease. For additional information, visit

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