Grand Theft Auto Online’s New GTA+ Perks Explained

Rockstar Games recently rolled out a monthly subscription service for GTA Online on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S gamers called GTA+. GTA+ subscribers will get exclusive in-game benefits in the form of special bonuses, free clothing, cash, and so on.

Despite its promised perks and benefits, the announcement of GTA+ subscription service didn’t go over well with many Grand Theft Auto Online fans. Some of these fans are aggrieved as the service is only for ninth-generation consoles, leaving players with older consoles high and dry. In comparison, other gamers are critical of Rockstar Games for placing a financial entry barrier and diluting the game’s fairness. Regardless, the service is not going anywhere, and the new perks for subscribers have been revealed.


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Breaking Down May’s GTA+ Perks

Those who have subscribed to GTA+ will soon get their monthly dose of rewards and benefits. Rockstar Games has announced new GTA+ perks for Grand Theft Auto Online that begin today and will run through June 1. Members will get a myriad of exclusive benefits for subscribed members, including a $500,000 in-game currency bonus, free clothing, property benefits, and other notable accessories. Moreover, GTA+ subscribers will also get access to The Contract, a high-stakes hunt for Dr. Dre’s missing music files. The Contract also features an inside look at Dr. Dre in Record A Studios, giving users behind the scene glimpses at the artist’s work.

Players will get access to The Agency in Rockford Hills, with a state-of-the-art, multi-floor office space. The Agency also opens up a range of Grand Theft Auto Online activities like Security Contracts and Payphone Hits. In addition, the vehicle benefits for this month’s GTA+ subscription package include the Grotti Brioso R/A, which was introduced in the Cunning Stunts update. Players will also get a complimentary performance upgrade at Hao’s Special Works and two exclusive HSW Liveries. It should be noted that GTA+ subscribers have complementary and early access to HSW Upgrade and HSW Liveries for the Grotti Brioso R/A. After May 5, these will be available for all Grand Theft Auto Online gamers who use ninth-generation consoles.

This month’s GTA+ perks focus heavily on Dr. Dre, the famous rapper and businessman who was added in The Contracts expansion after making a cameo in the Cayo Perico heist. Rockstar recently revealed how it convinced Dr. Dre to appear in Grand Theft Auto Online, which was apparently through a mutual contact named DJ Pooh. DJ Pooh acts as a radio presenter for the West Coast Classics radio station in GTA 5 and has also worked as a consultant for the game.

Notably, GTA 5 Still manages to get impressive sales figures, despite its initial release happening nearly a decade ago. The game’s multi-console compatibility, regular updates, and celebrity appearances like Dr. Dre are some of the reasons why GTA 5 still has incredible sales.

Grand Theft Auto Online is out now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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