Google TV feature may soon save you time during setup

What you need to know

  • Google TV Setup app’s update code hints at a new feature in the works.
  • Users can effortlessly log in to their favorite apps when setting up a Google TV device.
  • It reportedly works by utilizing other devices with apps and logins attached to your Google Account.

Google could be working on a new feature that would make setting up any smart TV easier. Usually, setting up a new smart TV or Android TV could be fun, but going through the process of arranging your favorite apps with different login credentials can sometimes be frustrating. However, Google might soon streamline this process.

A new code found in the recent Google TV setup app update suggests that Google wants to make the process more straightforward than it is now. Folks at 9to5Google have found a new reference in the update hinting that the search giant may use data from your Google Account to automatically log into apps.

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