Google Search is testing multiple Featured Snippets to save you wasted clicks

What you need to know

  • Google may add multiple Featured Snippets to your Google Search questions in the future.
  • Some Search users have spotted more than one highlighted answer to their questions, displayed in different formats.
  • This would allow users to see more data at once, but could also make it confusing which featured answer to believe.

Google Search results often show a “Featured Snippet” on the top of the page, highlighting an answer Google’s algorithms have deemed most helpful or instructive to readers. But Google may soon add multiple Snippets to Search results, which you may see as either more helpful or more confusing.

SEO consultant William Álvarez tweeted (opens in new tab) on June 15 that he had seen multiple “info-cards” in Search results when checking whether to give a dog allergy medicine. Google highlighted different results, some recommending checking with a doctor while others said it was safe and prescribing a dosage.

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