Google Home gets a nifty redesign for better smart home control

What you need to know

  • The Google Home app is getting a redesigned grid for smart home devices.
  • The new grid allows users to adjust lights and volume more quickly without having to open the device controls.
  • The new redesign will be available “in the coming weeks” on iOS and likely Android as well.

Google Home is arguably one of the best smart home apps around and is essential for anyone with Nest products lying around their homes. Users should then be thrilled to know that the app is getting a bit of a redesign, making it easier to control your devices straight from the app home screen.

The redesign was spotted by 9to5Google, who was able to activate it on an Android phone. It replaces the current design — icons shaped roughly like the devices they’re meant to represent — with a grid of rounded, rectangular toggles. Design-wise, it resembles the Pixel Quick Settings toggles while borrowing the functionality of the Power Menu that arrived alongside Android 11.

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