Google Finally Brings iOS Reactions to Messages App | Additional Features to See

Google’s Messages App is releasing support for iOS reactions, the search engine giant announced on Thursday, March 10. This feature will establish connections between Android and iPhone phones when it comes to texting.

Having said that, the company also aims to bring a “more universal” experience to all users regardless of the type of iOS that the smartphone uses.

Google Messages App Features iPhone Message Reactions

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Google Messages finally brings iPhone message reactions on Android.

According to the latest report by ZDNET, Google’s dedicated messaging application is finally adding support for iOS reactions.

As one of the most requested features in the platform, users want to look for flexibility when it comes to conveying emojis to their friends and other people. This would also pave way for improved communications between two different operating systems.

Moreover, it should be noted that the iOS reactions will become a “native” Emoji on a different platform. In Android, they only become text so this update is a huge game-changer for people who want to express their emotions or reactions in clear representations.

“When people with Android phones and iPhones message each other, not everything works the way it should,” Google Messages’ group product manager Jan Jedrzejowicz announced on Thursday on the company’s blog post, CNET reported.

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New Google Messages Features

Aside from the updates about iOS reactions, there’s a new upgrade that will be added soon.

With the new feature, Google Messages users can now share Google Photos links to the app. This is ideal for those who want to get high-definition images and clips, especially for non-RC users.

Behind these changes, Apple appears to be non-transparent regarding the RCS protocol which will pave the way for other messaging features across several devices.

Another thing to take a note of about Google Messages is the inclusion of One-Time Password deletion after 24 hours. To learn more on how to do that, Tech Times has a short guide that you can follow for reference.

Besides the automatic removal of OTP, Google’s messaging can now nudge you as part of reminding you in case you have forgotten to leave a reply to a particular thread.

In addition, you will catch some reminders which are useful especially when someone celebrates a birthday. If there’s a date in your Contacts app, that will be the case that will happen.

Again, for the part of emojis, there’s an Emoji Kitchen that will allow you to customize an existing reaction.

For instance, CNET reported that you can easily modify a reaction with another part like in the case of switching “heart eyes” with “pretzel eyes.” You can do the same thing with food and any other icons that you can think of, given that they are available in the pool of emojis.

At the time of writing, you can now download the updated Google Messages on the Google Play Store. For more announcements, you can check the official blog of the company to always stay updated regarding its apps.

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