Google-backed Glance might soon bring ads to your Android lock screen

What you need to know

  • Glance is a service that can bring content alongside ads to your lock screen.
  • It is backed by the InMobi group, an Indian ad-tech term, which is reportedly in talks with US carriers.
  • The company plans to bring the service to the states in the coming two months.

Glance is reportedly gearing up to launch ads on your Android lock screen. The subsidiary of an ad-tech firm, InMobi group, which made its presence in Asian markets like India, is likely to bring its lock screen platform (including ads) to the States.

Glance is seemingly a three-year-old startup that serves news, media content, and also games on the lock screen of Android smartphones. It is backed by Google and is on its way to bringing its service to your smartphones two months from now, a report from Techcrunch suggests.

It also suggests that the subsidiary is evidently in talks with the carriers in the US for new collaborations. It is aiming to launch smartphone models by next month, the report implies, citing sources familiar with the matter. The report also suggests that the service is focusing on developing a “premium product” for the US market, implying that most people pay for digital services in general.

(Image credit: Glance)

Glance promises to make an engaging lock screen that could include ads alongside the features outlined above. The service uses AI to offer a personalized experience in replacing your dead-looking lock screen with local relevant news, stories, or casual games, for that matter. The service later brought videos in short form and started organizing live events and commerce.

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