The inspiration behind the name First Round’s On Me is a nod to a time when people met for the first time, by chance, in person. You’d see someone across the bar, go up to them and ask if you could buy them a drink. In today’s online dating world, and especially during a global pandemic with exposure to social and professional interactions slowly coming back, this “natural” style of meeting rarely occurs. Over the years, singles have gravitated towards a digital dating experience — whether they like it or not. With its venue partnerships offers and prompts to actively set up dates, FROME helps facilitate the old school way of kismet experiences in dating through the comfort and safety of their home.

“I am proud to help humans connect and stop relying only on technology,” says founder and CEO, Joe Feminella who was inspired to design FROME after years spent on dating apps that never resulted in actual in person dates. Disillusioned with a dearth of bland digital interactions and the endless swiping cycle, he was motivated to find a way to encourage people to put the phone down and set a date to get to know each other in person, how he believes people should get to know each other.

“The dating-app world is saturated, yet it consistently leaves people unsatisfied. The more time I spent swiping, the more I realized it wasn’t an effective way to make a real connection. Technology has solved so many problems in today’s world, But one thing it hasn’t done and probably will never do, is help people fall in love. That needs to be done in person.” says Feminella.

With an emphasis on both inclusivity and intimacy, FROME melds the ease of technology with the value of organic meetings: instead of forcing users to rely on an app for a potentially infinite amount of time, it motivates them to get out in public and meet each other. Each time a user signs on, they have the option to select between one of two modes: Available Today (those free for a date tonight) and Available This Week (those who like to plan ahead). When a user finds someone they’re interested in, they send an invitation for a time and place to meet for a drink. If the recipient accepts — it’s date! The date is then added to their calendars, (one date per day, Romeo!). One of the app’s unique features is a time-based chat made available six hours prior to the date, giving users some time to break the ice before meeting in person later that day. From there, the rest is up to them!

FROME is proud to be partnering with a number of Los Angeles bars and coffee spots, including The Bungalow, Cha Cha Matcha, Juneshine, Library Alehouse, Independence Bar and Bravo Toast. A premium version of the ONE app will be launched later in 2022 and is slated to hit other major US cities including Miami, New York, Austin, Dallasand Chicagoin the coming year.

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