Former PlayStation Console Exclusive Godfall Coming to Xbox

Godfall: Ultimate Edition is announced for Xbox One and Xbox Series X, offering Xbox gamers a complete version of the game out of the gate.

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One of the very-first next-gen games ever revealed was Godfallconfirmed as a PlayStation 5 console exclusive at The Game Awards in 2019. Godfall had quite a bit of buzz as one of the few PS5 console exclusive launch titles, though it later made its way to PlayStation 4. Now Godfall is coming to even more platforms, as the looter-slasher is making its way to Xbox next month.

Godfall: Ultimate Edition has been announced for Xbox One and Xbox Series X with a release date of April 7. Godfall: Ultimate Edition will provide players with the complete Godfall experience, meaning that they not only get the base game, but all of the content that was added post-launch as well. This includes content from free updates as well as the Fire & Darkness expansion, cosmetics, and more.


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Xbox players had to wait longer than PlayStation gamers to play Godfall, but they will be getting the complete version of the game out of the gate. Pricing information for Godfall: Ultimate Edition is not available at the time of this writing, but since the PlayStation version is still full-price, it seems likely that the Xbox version will be as well. Godfall has a $70 asking price for its next-gen version, and was in fact one of the first games to cost $70, though Xbox gamers will need to stay tuned for specifics on that end.

Godfall reviews were mixed at the time of its original release, and the game has seen its fair share of controversies as well. There were those who were upset about the game’s $70 asking price when it was first announced, and there was also quite a bit of hubbub surrounding Godfall: Challenger Edition that released as a free PS Plus game this past December.

Godfall: Challenger Edition was notorious for having less content than the base Godfall game. It is essentially removed most of the base game content to instead shepherd players directly to the endgame. This proved to be a hugely controversial decision, resulting in backlash against not only Godfall, but the free PS Plus games for December 2021 as well. Xbox now getting a version of Godfall that comes with all the content will likely stir the pot even further, though it remains to be seen how the community will react.

It will also be interesting to see if the Xbox release results in renewed interest in the game that could potentially fuel the development of further Godfall updates and expansions. No plans to that effect have been announced, but fans will have to stay tuned.

Godfall is out now for PC, PS4, PS5, with the Xbox One and Xbox Series X versions launching April 7.

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