Epic says it wants to pay Bandcamp artists, not Google

What you need to know

  • Bandcamp is scheduled to be removed from the Google Play Store on June 1 for violating Google’s revised payment policies.
  • Epic Games, the owner of Bandcamp, has filed a court injunction to stop the app from being pulled from the Play Store.
  • The injunction states that Google’s payment system takes too much of a percentage and takes too long to pay out to be a viable option for Bandcamp’s artists.

The seemingly never-ending saga between Google and Epic Games has just begun an all-new chapter with a new injunction filed by Epic in an effort to keep its Bandcamp app from being pulled from the Google Play Store. The injunction states that Google modified the rules that Bandcamp originally agreed to and that, as a result of the changes that will need to be made, Bandcamp will “permanently run [its] Android business at a loss, or turn off digital sales in the Android app.”

But Google had something to say about that when we reached out for comment:

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