Enjoy the Thrill of Racing Games with PXN V3II Steering Wheel for All Gaming Consoles

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PC steering wheels are designed to imitate both the appearance and texture of real steering wheels as well as to be inspired by popular vehicles and racing cars. With a PC steering wheel and pedals, the game will feel more authentic than ever. Plus, racing with a PC steering wheel adds a level of fun that makes it worth the price and experience.

What Steering Wheel Should I Buy for a PC?

A mouse and keyboard are sufficient for basic racing games, but a good set of controls makes all the difference. You won’t get the immersive experience with a mouse and keyboard. If you want to level up your racing games, this is the sign to buy a PC steering wheel.

For that, one of the best to ever hit the market is the PXN V3II racing wheel.

If you want to truly experience being a Formula One car driver or a certified dragster, a single steering wheel alone won’t suffice. With PXN V3II, you have both a racing steering wheel for your PC and pedals.

PC Gaming Steering Wheel Review

Not all racing wheels and pedals are designed equally. Some can be smooth; some can be the opposite. Meanwhile, there are durable ones, while others might be a bit fragile for hardcore racing.

But the best sets come from trustworthy manufacturers. PXN is known for creating high-quality gaming controllers worldwide, including racing accessories and smartphone gaming controllers.

Surely, their PXN V3II Racing Wheel won’t disappoint.

Now, if you’re an avid fan of Formula One, this racing steering wheel for PC belongs in your gaming den. The PC gaming steering wheel takes after the Formula One-style and is built using durable ABS plastic and rubberized grips positioned on either side.

It features two thumb buttons just like the ones on console controllers, but you can also customize them on your PC. The grips are comfortable and slip-proof even after long racing sessions.

There are three additional buttons along the bottom of the wheel’s center panel, corresponding console center controllers that you can also customize yourself. Plus, it has an ABXY button on the right side and a D-pad on the left.

There is a knob at the right side of the V3II wheel that looks like a shifter. It is functional because the paddles on the wheel control the shifter.

The PC gaming steering wheel has a 180-degree range of movement, sufficient for racing sims emphasizing short movements at high sensitivity.

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On the other hand, it doesn’t provide a good experience for trucking sims since the wheel needs to be loose, yet it’s one of the best catches in the PC racing wheel market.

As for the pedals with an arched design, the V3II pedals are easy to use no matter your foot size. However, one noticeable drawback is the lack of clutch. Regardless, you will have no trouble operating them.

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More than that, the pedals offer feedback, so you will feel like you’re hitting on actual pedals. The right pedal acts like a real gas pedal, while the left pedal acts like a brake pedal.

A six-foot USB cable connects the V3II to your computer, which is more than enough for most applications. However, console users will feel short, so they must provide an extension cable.


  • Wide compatibility. The PXN V3II steering wheel is compatible with PS4 / PS3 / Xbox One / Switch / Xbox series X|S, and it supports Windows XP/7/8/10/11. Before playing games on the console platforms, you must connect to the original gamepad.

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  • Vibration motors. On both sides of the steering wheel are dual vibration motors that simulate the actual racing scene to enhance your gaming experience to make it feel real.
  • Dual-mode. You can switch between X-input and D-input modes. X-input is the best option for most modern games and easiest to use. D-input, however, allows for less controller vibration while still providing a great trigger response.
  • A variety of attachment methods. A C-style fixing clip plus seven powerful suction cups make it easier to mount the steering wheel on a computer table.

This PC steering wheel is top-notch. But another best thing about PXN V3II is that it’s suitable for other modern consoles, too. If you’re on the lookout for the best Xbox steering wheel and pedals, this is what you’re looking for.

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Sure, controllers are great, but Xbox steering wheels are the greatest.

In other words, PXN V3II is a fully cross-platform PC steering wheel. You can easily connect it to a PC via USB, and you can start to play your favorite racing games right away.

Furthermore, despite being a steering wheel, V3II will not show up as a steering wheel on racing game menus. Instead, it will appear as an ordinary console controller with buttons that can still be configured depending on your gaming preferences.


  • Immersive yet durable design

  • Sensitive PC steering wheel compatible with every racing game

  • Easy to set up with a plug and play operation

  • Compatible with PC and other modern consoles

  • Works perfectly on all compatible gaming platforms

  • Recommended for most racing games, such as Forza, Need for Speed, Grand Theft Auto, and American, Euro Truck Simulators, and more.


Best PC Gaming Steering Wheel and Pedals

PXN’s V3II Racing Wheel is arguably one of the best PC gaming steering wheels and pedals on the market as we speak. This PC steering wheel’s main merit lies in its versatility for supporting both PC and all major consoles so that just about any game can be played on just about any platform.

On PC, the PXN V3II Racing Wheel is ready to go right away since it is USB-connected. You will not need to modify it for most racing games. Meaning you can play Grand Theft Auto on your Xbox, then play Forza on your PC using the same controls.

But thanks to the D-input option, even old games can be played on a PC using the same control scheme.

Because of its versatility, this racing wheel is perfect for playing hardcore racing games withouting about compatibility issues. Furthermore, it has compact, tight, responsive, yet smooth-sailing wheels that make the experience of racing games more immersive.

A steering wheel of this type that is robust, responsive, smooth, ergonomic, and comfortable for PC and other gaming platforms is relatively uncommon in the market right now. But you can get one now. Choose from black and orange variants!

Just add PXN V3II Racing Wheel to your cart now and start the race!

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