Callers will be able to flash messages on the receiver’s phone

Truecaller has announced a list of new features that will be released to Android users. The platform has announced that the new features will be rolled out in the coming weeks. The new features include a Voice Call Launcher for VoIP calling, a Passcode Lock for the SMS inbox, enhanced Call Logs, instant Call Reason, face filters for Video Caller ID and an AI Smart Assistant. Also Read – Amazon to no longer offer in-app Kindle purchases on Android app

Voice Call Launcher

Voice Call Launcher on Truecaller is an easy way to find all of your contacts who are available to talk on Truecaller Voice. This new feature works on VoIP-based calling. Also Read – Window 11 update: Microsoft to roll out Android apps to 5 new countries

Passcode lock for SMS

To enhance privacy, Truecaller is introducing a lock for text messages. Users will be able to use passcode lock to add an additional layer of security. If your device supports biometric or fingerprint authentication, you will be able to use that too. Also Read – Google plans to track your coughs, snores using your Android phone

Enhanced Call Logs

Truecaller has optimized the call logs that enable and support up to 6400 entries as compared to 1000 entries in the last version. This will enable users to go back in call logs to find call records.

Improved Call Reason

Truecaller is introducing a new feature where it is possible to add a Call reason during the Call itself. If your call is not accepted by Callee and still the phone is ringing, Truecaller lets the caller add an Instant Call Reason. There are also some presets for the messages. Some options will be “Its’ important”, “Can we talk?” The user can also type any customized call reason.

Face Filters for Video Caller ID

Truecaller has added built-in templates, aiming to create a more personalized and unique calling experience. This feature allows selfie and VR powered filters that will let the user be more creative.

Rishit Jhunjhunwala, Chief Product Officer and Managing Director, Truecaller India, said, “The constant feedback we receive from our users has always helped us innovate and serve better. With a host of upcoming additions, we are promising exciting times ahead for our Android users globally. These features will not only offer an efficient and safe communication experience but will also give users more power and the ability to exercise greater control over their communication and important data.”

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