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Your smartphone has a pre-installed weather application. Not bad. It will tell you about the temperature in your region and give you a preliminary forecast for the rest of the day. If you only need the essentials, their iPhone or Android weather app is sure to meet your needs. However, if you’re looking for a weather app that can do more than just show you live radar updates, use an insanely large network of stations, look absolutely gorgeous, or give you allergy information for the day, then you’ll have it . to look elsewhere.

There are hundreds of weather apps on the App Store. It is a very popular category. Of course, Apple’s built-in weather app is a great option with its beautiful graphics, animations, and helpful hourly forecasts. However, everyone has a different idea of ​​what makes an app good weather. Some want it simple, while others want all the data. We have compiled a list of the best weather apps in different styles. There is something for everyone.

Here is the list of the best weather apps for iOS and iPhone


The beautifully designed weather app displays a wealth of information. There’s an hourly forecast for the next 48 hours, an extended 10-day forecast, and even a 12-week forecast to really plan ahead. It covers everything from wind speed and direction to barometric pressure, and lets you monitor the weather in up to 12 different locations at once. If you want forecasts at a glance, 1Weather is the way to go, but you can also learn radar maps, charts, moon phases, and more.

The app also offers informative videos, marine and air traffic forecasts, and personalized weather alerts. There’s even a handy widget that lets you see the weather on your home screen. 1Weather can compete with the best free weather apps. As a free weather app, 1Weather is hard to beat. It has ads, but they’re not great, and you can always pay $2 for the Pro version and get rid of them. No matter what the ad is, with 1Weather you get all the information you need about the weather.

the weather channel

Every iPhone has a weather forecast app installed, which works great and shows you the forecast. However, the weather category is full of replacement apps that are downloaded millions of times a year. In 2020, the top 5 weather apps in the US app store were downloaded more than 11 million times, according to our apps.

And that’s just the top 5. According to Explorer, there are over 2,000 iOS weather apps. In this breakdown, we learn about the top of the collection, The Weather Channel. Coincidentally, it also provides information that Apple uses in its own app.

Dark sky

Available only for iOS devices, the Dark Sky weather app has been offering “the most accurate source of hyperlocal weather data” and “up-to-the-minute forecasts” since 2018. Although the Dark Sky weather app has only been part of the Apple world as of March 31, 2020, it is currently ranked #1 on iTunes for weather data with over 120,000 customers. Many even claim that Dark Sky is the best weather app ever.


Radarscope is for serious weather enthusiasts. It allows you to view speed, dual polarity, echo, pickup, and more from any NEXRAD or TDWR radar in the US, Guam, and Puerto Rico. Radar levels include severe weather warnings, lightning warnings, and various storm warnings.

The monthly Pro tier includes additional data sets such as real-time lightning warnings, extended cycles, and more. Spotter Network and AllisonHouse members can sign up for more exclusive information with their membership.

RadarScope ($10+)

Our next app will not give you the temperature or the forecast. In fact, RadarScope is very one-dimensional: it shows you the radar and that’s it. Still, it is superior when it comes to its unique and singular function. If you are a hurricane hunter or just someone who appreciates weather information, this app is for you. Radar images are updated every 2 to 10 minutes, depending on the radar’s scanning strategy, and storm warnings are overlaid on radar images for added convenience.

You can also access other radar stats like speed, forecast rainfall, and about a dozen other gauges, none of which are available through your default weather app. Although this costs extra, we recommend that you at least subscribe to RadarScope Pro Tier 1. This gives you two-panel radar and lightning data, as well as up to 30 images and quick access to over two hours of data. Additionally, Tier 1 subscribers can use a data retrieval tool to quickly retrieve data values ​​for specific radar pixels, as well as an optional two-panel mode to compare two radar products simultaneously.

Underground weather

Weather Underground is quite different from the Yahoo Weather and The Weather Channel apps. Instead of the lush green photographic backgrounds of Yahoo and the Weather Channel, Weather Underground consists of text and flat colors. This isn’t exactly easy on the eyes, but it’s very informative. With nice apps, for example, you may have to tap or press before you see the information you want. Like most weather apps, Weather Underground is essentially a vertical app.

The top part of the app provides a lot of information on a single screen. You can see high and low temperatures, “like” temperatures, the last time the app updated its data, current weather conditions, and a link to the app’s social crowd reporting feature. The app also provides detailed information such as a small radar map, wind direction, probability of precipitation, and a text weather forecast. Often everything you need is right at your fingertips.

carrot time

CARROT gives you the weather, but with a vicious twist. Playing the role of a man-hating artificial intelligence with comments like “I hope you get sunburned” and “Your heating bill is going to bankrupt you,” the CARROT Weather Report always gets a laugh. And the more you use CARROT Weather, the more secret locations you’ll unlock, like Mount Doom and a certain Outer Rim moisture farm.

If you have a sense of humor, CARROT will make you smile (and laugh). As a user, you should understand that while the app accurately reflects the weather, the CARROT character has a sense of personality and humor. So apart from the level of humor, it is advisable to choose a political direction, as this will make the jokes even more embarrassing for you. Overall, CARROT is a very simple weather app. On the home screen, you can view hourly and weekly forecasts, as well as current weather conditions.

time live

We are amazed that the weather is mentioned at least four times in our local news. That’s because it’s the information most people want to know. Perhaps that’s why there are so few weather-based apps on the iTunes App Store.

The app is designed to notify you of changes outside and show you the current weather conditions for your rental.


AccuWeather is the right app for hyperlocal forecasts that give you exactly the information you need. The app’s daily forecasts include everything from chances of rain to air quality, wind, cloud cover, and UV index. Live radar allows you to track storms, snow, ice, and temperature changes.

Detail-oriented users will appreciate AccuWeather’s MinuteCast and its up-to-the-minute precipitation updates. A WinterCast feature lets you know the probability of snowfall and an update has added an ice forecast map layer.

rain bug

Get ready for winter with the WeatherBug snow forecast. See the expected snow on the clock and see how deep the snow is for the next week. Adjustable weather alerts alert you to snowfall in the forecast. Get local forecasts, accurate current weather conditions, severe weather warnings and rain radar for all your favorite UK locations.

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