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WatchOS offers a wide range of watch faces to choose from, along with tons of different customizations. However, sometimes that’s not enough for many Apple Watch lovers who want more customization options and flexibility. To quench your thirst for more, here are some of the best Apple Watch Face apps that you are sure to love. When choosing the right watch face, you should focus on the most important aspects.

If you want all the stats to be displayed, you should look for an option with a lot of information that can be displayed with widgets on the watch face. If you want your smartwatch to feel more like a traditional watch, you can go for a classic aesthetic like an analog watch that also has a technical feel. Below is a list of the best watch face apps for iOS and iPhone.

Here is the list of the best watch face apps for iOS and iPhone


This app only has one modular face to offer, but it’s a must have for anyone who needs a virtual pet for themselves. The app offers numerous customization options. The main purpose of this app is to count your steps. You have to set a certain goal and then meet it. Once the objective is fulfilled, the dog will fall asleep.

You can also watch your dog walk, run, eat, scratch and sit on your Apple Watch. You can even change your dog to a cat and set it on the watch face. However, the biggest drawback of this app is that you need a subscription to choose different dogs or cats, their food, toys, etc.

friends watch

The self-proclaimed “Apple Watch Stylist”. Buddywatch is another great app to find a new Apple Watch face. Well-designed and easy to navigate, Buddywatch loads right into your home screen, where you can find the latest additions to the app. As you scroll through this list, you’ll find a variety of options that are not only beautiful watch faces, but also recommendations for the right strap to pair with the watch face. Once you’ve found an Apple Watch band you’d like to use, click the “Download” button to go directly to the Apple Watch app where you can further customize the watch face.

If you need extra complications to fill out the watch face, Buddywatch will tell you which apps you need, which is a nice touch. The search feature allows you to browse a variety of face categories, including Casual, Classy, ​​Health, Sport, and Essential, to narrow down your search. You can do the same with the watch model, so you can distinguish between what fits in the Apple Watch 3 and what fits in the larger screens of later Apple Watch models. In addition to the app, Buddywatch also offers a somewhat minimalist website where you can see the same results, but on a much larger screen.

watch face

Watchfacely is another great option for various watch faces. The number of downloads and likes highlighted below each watch face will give you a brief idea of ​​the famous watch faces. Tapping on “See All” will give you an endless list of options to choose from. However, when adding a dial, if the required app for a complication of that dial is missing from your iPhone, you will be prompted to download that app.

The Pro subscription in the app plays an important role as you can only download two free faces options per day and you have to opt for the subscription if you want to download more than two faces. Also, you can upload and share your custom watch face in the app.

watch maker

Another app that you can use to get new Apple Watch faces or create your own is Watch Maker. This application offers the possibility to create your own face for the Apple Watch. However, in the free version of the app, the selection of faces you can create is extremely limited. So limited, in fact, that it’s basically useless.

However, you can purchase the Pro version of the app for $4.50 per week (a 3-day free trial is available) and create highly customized watch faces for watchOS. You can add backgrounds, hour, minute and second hands, and more. If you don’t want to pay, you can view the skins created by others in the app or just use the free skins.


The excellent Clockology app not only allows you to create your own Apple Watch faces, but also use those created by other users. If you want to take a little nostalgia trip back to the ’90s, you can’t go wrong with the Casio Space watch face (pictured), which you can download here and then activate via the app.

Clockology is not only available for Apple Watch, but you can also use it to design and download custom clocks to your desktop, iPhone, or iPad. Check out the official subreddit to see some of the cool stuff users have come up with with Clockology, from classic brands like Diesel and Bell & Ross to the retro-inspired Casio watch you can see above.

clock faces

You can also try Watch Faces to create your own faces for watchOS. With this app, you can use any image from your iPhone gallery, an image from the internet, or one of the images included in the app.

You can then add overlays to the image. To be honest, these are pretty simple. In most cases, you’ll use them to add some opacity behind the clock to make the time more visible. Other than that, there’s not much you can do with the app.


Many users want to know how to change Apple Watch from analog to digital. You can do that with the good old Watch app, but Watchsmith can do that and more. It doesn’t offer pretty Apple Watch faces to download, but you can customize the complications of the official faces available in the Watch app to change throughout the day.

Take again the example of time. Watchsmith lets you choose from an analog, digital, minute, decimal hour, decimal dial, 24 hour, and even two hourglass options! You can also choose from a wide range of colors and set a time when you want the watch to replace the complication. For example, you can have a minute dial replace the hour during your daily swim workout. It takes a while to find and configure all the settings, but the result is worth every minute!


Facer is by far the most popular watch face app as it has one of the largest watch face collections for smart watches. Whether it’s a Galaxy Watch, Android Wear Watch, or Apple Watch, Facer covers the gamut. The app offers free and paid watch faces in categories like abstract, stylish, futuristic, gaming, geek, illustrated, sports, nature, etc. There are main charts listing the most popular dials to help you get started.

Since Facer is a user-driven app where creators submit their own watch faces, some watch faces may not work with your Apple Watch. For example, there were some cases where my Apple Watch 6 was unable to set some as watch faces. Other than that, everything should be fine. Facer is free to use, paid subscription costs $5/month.

See face albums

If you are looking for the best Apple Watch wallpapers, Watch Face Albums might be the app for you. Although some watch faces have functional complications, this app focuses on artistic images that you can download and then set as Apple Watch images with the watch face photos or kaleidoscope. There are a limited number of free backgrounds, with new free options available every 16 hours.

To get access to all the images, you can pay $1.99 per month or $9.99 per year. However, once you download the image, you can use it without paying for the app. So if you are not interested in new images, you can pay for a month, download all the backgrounds you want, such as all the luxury Apple Watch faces, and then cancel your subscription.

Granted, this is a website and not an app, but it does have some awesome watch faces that you should check out. is a library of user-created watch faces for the Apple Watch. You can search for the latest uploads or filter the results by your watch.

To make your search even easier, you can search with tags to find the perfect watch face. Some of the categories include Black, Moon, Modern, Battery, Mario, Abstract, LGBT, Utility, etc.

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