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The best Apple Watch apps are constantly changing as new apps are released and old ones are updated or improved, which shows just how rich the Apple Watch app scene is. It wasn’t always like this. Not too long ago, it seemed like the watch had lost its shine, as many popular apps were either faded or removed from the watch altogether. The problem was that feature app developers spent too much time wondering if they “could” develop an app for the Apple Watch instead of “should.”

But Apple has been working to improve the situation. A big step forward was the introduction of an app store directly on Apple Watch with watchOS 6. In recent years, the quality of apps on Apple Watch has continued to improve, and while the selection isn’t as vast as on iPhone, it’s the healthiest app ecosystem for a wearable device. Whether you’ve recently worn an Apple Watch 7 or have an older Apple Watch, apps can help you get the most out of it, and there’s plenty to choose from.

We make it easy for you to choose by highlighting the best Apple Watch options. Our favorite apps, whose list is growing all the time, exist because they’re useful, because they’re entertaining, or because they make your life a little better. In this roundup, you’ll find apps for podcasting and procrastinating, getting fit and getting things done, goofing around, and ranking.

Here is the list of the best clock apps for iOS and iPhone

cloud battery

Cloud Battery is a solution for a better battery management system. Cloud Battery stores your Apple device’s battery power, which can be viewed by any device with the same iCloud account. It’s as simple as downloading a cloud battery to all your Apple devices and it just works. Cloud Battery offers you many ways to keep track of the battery life of your devices.

These include notifications, the Today widget, standalone iOS, macOS, and watchOS apps, and watch complications. Cloud Battery integrates seamlessly with iCloud for minimal setup and ease of use.


When Adri is offered a paid trip to an exclusive solstice festival, she is reluctant, loving her windy summer practice and her fatherhood. She just wants to live a little before the first day of her life, which is planned and scheduled according to her parents’ ideas.

But when he and a group of wealthy, nubile teens arrive on the island paradise, it doesn’t seem like the luxury vacation they were promised. There is almost no food, no shelter, and almost no pots and pans. Soon, the festival is trending on social media for all the wrong reasons, with canceled music moves left and right.

I translate

Another one for those who travel, or even for those who simply go on vacation. The iTranslate app translates the words spoken when the microphone is pressed into the language you select below. There are numerous languages ​​available and the translations are quite accurate in our experience. At the very least, you can use it to order a beer or find out where the bathroom is.

stripes training

Streaks Workout is the perfect Apple Watch fitness app for working out at home without the need for a lot of free time or an expensive gym membership. The appendix includes 30 no-equipment exercises with four different exercise durations, including 6, 12, 18, and 30 minute durations.

Users can create their own personal training plans and choose exactly which exercises they want to do. All of this is done on Apple Watch with the most extensive stats available on iPhone. The app costs $3.99 and no additional in-app purchases are required.

city ​​mapper

Citymapper on iPhone is great at giving you public transportation details and point-to-point directions and location-based alerts for multiple supported cities. The Apple Watch app is just as good, providing quick access to favorite places and information on nearby trains, buses, ferries, and more.

Legs of the journey are clearly displayed and provide all the help you need, like upcoming train times, stops on your linked route, and small maps through the Apple Maps app. We want it to magically work for every city and town in the world, not just the few (mostly) capital cities that are currently installed.


If you know exactly what you’re doing in the gym and want detailed statistics about your workouts, Workouts++ is the ideal workout app for Apple Watch. The app allows you to customize the clock face to show you only relevant information. Conditional colors and intricate graphics are an option, along with lots of messing up numbers.

The app is not designed for beginners in the gym and does not teach you how to do anything, but it is very suitable for evaluating your performance over a long period of time. The app is free to download and use.


Strava is one of the simplest exercise apps. It is a running app that tracks stats like distance, speed, velocity, altitude, average heart rate, and calories burned. In addition to running, Strava can watch activities like swimming, working out at the gym, rock climbing, surfing, and yoga.

Upgrade to Strava Premium for $59.99 per year and get personalized training and exercise plans with live feedback so you can reach your goals faster. Strava is the perfect single solution for all your training needs with advanced analytics in the standard Apple Watch Workouts app.


Lifting your back off the couch is one thing. Getting through a 5K without falling to your knees is another matter. Looking up to 5K makes it easier for you to reach your goal. You do three runs a week, gradually increasing the length of your training and reducing your walking time.

Eventually, you will be able to cover a distance of 5 km in half an hour. Number sparsity happens right on your Apple Watch, which means you don’t have to mess around with your iPhone or know how to connect it to a daytime running device.

club nike

Nike’s relationship with Apple runs deep: The two companies are partnering on a Nike+ edition of the Apple Watch, which includes a specially designed Nike sport watch band and a watch face that puts the company’s Nike Run Club watch app on the watch face. front and center. But you don’t need to buy the Nike model to start using the Nike Run Club app, one of the best running apps on Apple Watch.

The free app, which is also one of the best running apps, tracks stats like distance, pace, splits, heart rate, and more. It also offers free audio-guided runs, personalized training plans to help you reach your goals, and a social element that lets your friends cheer you on.


Sitting too long can be dangerous to your health, but it’s not easy to get up from your office chair or sofa regularly. The friendly creatures of Standland will make you stand out more! If you stop, they will stop. If you don’t, they will fall asleep. By achieving goals, you can unlock new creatures!

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