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INDIANAPOLIS, March 23, 2022 — The emergence of smart home automation requires reliable partnerships with third-party service providers to support the growing demand for managed technologies that provide greater connectivity. BEST smart locks and dormakaba’s Community Access Management Software integrate seamlessly to provide complete automated home solutions including: Resident access

  • Resident access
  • Visitor management
  • Parcel storage and online deliveries
  • Property management system (PMS) software
  • Wi-Fi hardware
  • Energy management

Solutions are designed to work seamlessly with current software and allow properties to unite access control with other vital building systems.

“We work closely with our integration partners to deploy fully-integrated solutions that simplify access control operations,” said Bret Holbrook, Vice President of Product Management. “Our partners have developed, installed, tested, and validated every system for compatibility.

Whether it’s two doors or thousands, building administrators can manage access credentials from a secure, centralized platform in both new construction and retrofit scenarios. The BEST Wi-Q wireless access control system and the BEST SwitchTech platform are two of our newest and most advanced access technology integration solutions.”


The BEST Wi-Q Series incorporates electronic locks, card readers, door position switches, request-to-exit switches, and door control switches in one integrated device wirelessly connected to a remote portal. When integrated with building management and open architecture platforms, this combination delivers a smart, powerful, wireless access control solution.

  • Exceptional user interface. Powered with a combination of secure portal gateways and wireless access controllers. All data flows through the portal gateway to the host’s access control system for easy monitoring.
  • integrated components. All components—electronic locks, card readers, door position switches, request-to-exit switches and door control switches—in one integrated device that then connects wirelessly to a remote portal.
  • Wireless management. Wireless access management via its integration with Mercury access control systems.
  • Decision-making at the door. Access decisions occur at the door even during power outages.
  • Easily scalable. Use the platform for up to 64 locks per portal gateway, with up to 14,000 credentials per lock.
  • Efficient power use. Locks are fast, reliable, and use less power than other similar devices.
  • Fast installation. The controller allows quick installation even in hard-to-wire or retrofit applications. Because no wiring or terminations are needed and all components are integrated into one device, the Wi-Q Series requires only one to two hours total installation time.

For more information about Wi-Q, visit bestaccess.comincluding a short video which demonstrates Wi-Q technology.

BEST Switch™Tech

The BEST SwitchTM Tech platform extends electronic access control to applications previously not practical by offering a digital replacement for mechanical small format interchangeable cores, commonly referred to as SFICS. It is ideal for retrofitting electronic control into existing doors on interior rooms, closets, cabinets and cases.

The Switch Tech platform uses secure Bluetooth® technology. Users unlock the core using their smartphones or fobs instead of a mechanical key. All Switch Tech devices and software integrate seamlessly into both Lenel and Genetec systems to enable digital auditing of access and use.

Switch Tech time and cost efficiencies include:

  • Eliminates the need for physical rekeying
  • Reduces overhead time to manage overall access control and protection
  • Reduces long-term costs of ownership by eliminating mechanical keys
  • Priced to enable rapid scalability

The installation process is as simple as removing the existing SCIF and replacing it with Switch Tech. Once installed, the platform is managed with cloud-based software that allows users to create accounts, manage credentials, configure the system, and run diagnostics.

For more information about switch Tech, visit

To view a list of BEST integration partners, visit

About BEST

BEST pioneered the development of the small format interchangeable core and sets the standard for door hardware. BEST door hardware products are engineered to fit institutional applications and outlast expectations in even the most demanding and complex of projects. A member of the dormakaba family, BEST brand products include a wide range of locks, exits, closers, hinges and more. Further information is at

About dormakaba

dormakaba is one of the top three companies in the global market for access and security solutions for every place that matters. With strong brands such as Dorma and Kaba in our portfolio, we are a single source for products, solutions, and services related to doors and secure access to buildings and rooms. With around 16,000 employees and numerous cooperation partners, we are active in over 130 countries. dormakaba is headquartered in Rümlang (Zurich/Switzerland) and generates an annual turnover of over CHF 2 billion.

SIX Swiss Exchange: DOKA (formerly: KABN / KABNE) Further information at

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