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We all know that Apple devices are not that customizable, especially when compared to Android devices. Still, it is possible to work around this limitation in many ways. Even if jailbreaking is out of the question for you, there are some great apps you can use to tweak your iPhone! Although iPhones are the ideal canvas for modification, most of us forget that we can go beyond the iOS font, widget styles, and icons set out of the box. We’ve scoured the App Store to find the best apps for everything from finding the perfect widget style to livening up your keyboard with more colors and fonts.

Let’s take a look at some popular apps you can use to tweak your home screen and find your perfect look. We’ll explore the different themes they offer and talk about some additional qualities you can expect from the apps. The other half consists of widgets that you can create and modify with many widget applications. Key to this phenomenon has been the widgets themselves, which not only help deliver details a user needs, but also make the home screen layout more interesting overall.

Here is the list of the best customization apps for iOS and iPhone


Now, we also have Workflow which is also one of the best apps to personalize your iPhone and you can download it for free on the App Store. It allows you to select certain specific actions, like calculating a tip in the calculator app, and create simple shortcuts to perform them.

You can then add these shortcuts directly to your notification area, making this experience highly customizable and making your life easier. The possibilities are endless and just depend on your creativity and how many apps you have on your iPhone.


This is one of those apps that you can either love or delete a minute after downloading. What does? It takes pictures of you, turns them into animated gifs, and lets you use them as your wallpaper.

Funny right? You can also set the pattern’s scale, spacing, rotation, and more using smart layouts and settings. It’s certainly creative and original, and we could see why one would either love or hate the app, but unless you try it, you won’t know.


With over 400,000 ratings on the App Store, Widgetsmith is a very popular app for customizing home screen icons. You don’t need to worry about being a techie to start unleashing your creativity because Widgetsmith has a very easy to use interface.

The app gives you a lot of control over how you want to customize your home screen. With a large collection of customizable widgets and templates, you are sure to create your desired home screen look. You can also create your own gradient wallpaper. Widgets can also be scheduled to appear on your home screen based on rules you have preset.

color widgets

The problem with Widgetsmith is that it doesn’t have the most user-friendly interface when it comes to creating widgets. If you want something that’s easier to work with, then Color Widgets might be more for you. Your widgets can be up and running on your home screen in seconds.

Color Widgets has many different pre-made widget designs that are stylish and colorful, but you can still make your own if that’s what you want. Even the pre-made widget layouts can be personally customized to your liking as you can change the fonts, theme colors, and even the background color.

smart battery widget

Although iOS includes a battery widget, it literally shows just how much battery power is left on the iPhone, iPad, and related devices. Smart Battery Widget promises to give you more information about your hardware and more options on how to view it.

The widget can give you estimates of how long you can spend doing certain activities on iPhone before running out of battery power. For example, you can say that you have enough charge left to watch a few hours of YouTube, to play games, or to make calls, instead of an arbitrary percentage.

Esthetic Kit

Your iPhone’s home screen icons don’t have to stay the way the app creators intended. You can replace them with any other graphic, emoji, and image you want. However, it can be clumsy and time-consuming to do on your own. Instead, try Aesthetic Kit, a free app that gives you access to an unlimited supply of icon packs.

Once you have Aesthetic Kit on your iPhone, you will find a variety of icon themes when you first open it. Select one and follow the on-screen instructions to apply the new icons to your home screen. In addition to icons, Aesthetic offers an option to install widgets and wallpapers that match the theme you’ve chosen.

Widget Wizard

Widget Wizard connects to your Health app to track up to 35 health stats that you can combine with custom calendars and render in various color schemes, fonts, and backgrounds to create your own unique theme. You can also use widgets to add data like water intake or distance traveled.

The Agenda widget combines calendar events and reminders, allowing you to see the countdowns for those items, as well as the clock and battery percentage. Combined widgets allow you to choose the data you want to include in a single widget.


Widgeridoo takes custom widget creation to the extreme with a block-based design approach. It has blocks for many things, such as text, images, health data, birthdays, calendar events, music, JSON URLs, and more. Start creating a widget and you can stack blocks in any order you want.

Each block comes with its own customization screen; for example, the text block allows you to change the font size, background/foreground color, and alignment (left, center, or right). Almost all blocks also allow you to set your own background image.

1X Blocker

The internet is full of ad blocking apps and extensions, but 1Blocker is something different from its competitors. It not only allows you to block all unwanted ads on your iPhone, but also provides you with great customization apps.

To give you an idea, you can block entire websites or specific links, which is a great way to make sure your kids don’t visit any unwanted websites, for example, making it one of the best apps to personalize. your iPhone.

display kit

ScreenKit is another well-received app. It has more than 5000 icons, 500 themes and many widgets. When you first launch ScreenKit, the app prompts you to choose your preferred styles and interests. It will then give you a custom list of themes based on your chosen options.

ScreenKit offers classic aesthetic themes like minimal, pastel, and solid color. However, you will also find some special ones like Kawaii Anime and Harry Potter if you are a fan of these shows and books.


Widgy is one of the most popular widget maker apps on the iPhone right now, especially among the iOS setup reddit community. Why is Widgy so popular? It is one of the most powerful widget apps, giving you quite complete freedom of choice when it comes to creating your own widget. You can go for something that is purely aesthetic with images, or you can do something that is beautiful to look at while providing useful and valuable information at a glance.

One of Widgy’s greatest strengths is the ability for users to share their widget creations with others. This is done via a QR code, so once someone scans a Widgy QR code, they can access that widget and customize it however they see fit. Widgy also has a gallery of user-uploaded widgets to browse, so you can easily add cool widgets to your own collection.

bears countdown

If you need a reminder of upcoming events, Bears Countdown can help. Embellished with cute cartoon bears, the app lets you collect anniversaries, holidays, birthdays, and other deadlines or important dates, showing you everything that’s to come and how long you have until it happens.

For our purposes, the app also includes a widget, so you can quickly see how many days are left until an event without opening the app to check anything. The main Bears Countdown app is free and requires iOS and iPadOS 12.0 or later. In-app purchases are available, including Bears Unlimited for $2.99.

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