Best PDF Apps for iOS of 2022

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About the Best PDF Apps for iOS

PDF is one of the most popular and widely used file formats, and with more and more people working and studying on the go, it is important to have a good PDF reader app installed on their mobile devices. PDF files are lightweight, portable, and can support a variety of document styles, from text-heavy manuals to heavily image-based documents like e-books and comics. Fillable documents can also be used as official forms. So if you have a good PDF reader at hand, you have access to all these documents.

PDF files are one of the best and most universal ways to send a document to another person. Almost any computing device can display them, and they almost always appear as expected, with formatting and layout intact on all types of platforms and devices. For almost all contract-based businesses, PDF files are a way of life. For many professional businesses, such as accounting, legal, and real estate firms, PDF files are a necessary evil. For many students, PDF files are the future version of last year’s textbook.

Here is the list of the best PDF apps for iOS

adobe acrobat reader

Adobe Acrobat Reader includes text reflow, contextual search, support for bookmarks and hyperlinks, as well as support for annotations and electronic signatures. Users who sign up for a free Adobe Document Cloud account can share and sync documents online, with features like PDF editing and creation available as in-app or subscription purchases.

View and annotate PDF files that you have stored locally or various cloud services. Easily zoom in on text or images for a closer look. Collaborate with others by tracking changes or using comments. Create links to share through emails.

Foxit PDF Reader

This app comes with some basic features like PDF viewing, annotating while premium features like TTS feature, password setting and many more are locked. With the help of cloud support, you can upload and download PDF files from popular storage providers.

Foxit has also introduced a new Connected PDF feature for collaborative work, annotations, comments and edits on files in a team. Text reflow allows you to read comfortably even on a small smartphone screen. Cloud support allows you to upload and download PDF files from popular storage providers.

PDF Expert

It comes with many useful options to help you read, highlight text, take notes, fill in forms, review documents, and draw or annotate PDF documents. PDF Expert allows you to open and read all kinds of documents and also helps you listen to your favorite eBook with TTS option.

The app is fully compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch and requires iOS 8.0 or later to simplify operations. The app is also heavy duty and would take up most of your phone’s RAM compared to PDFelement which is quite lighter on your phone.

pdf element

PDFelement is a very good PDF reading app that provides the best cross-platform synchronization. It allows you to read, edit, annotate, convert and even sign PDF files. You can also access PDF files from iCloud Drive, Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, and Box using the app.

Convert PDF files to Word, Excel, PPT, HTML and RTF format. Documents can be synced between devices running on different operating systems. Add or remove PDF text and images and adjust font attributes. Quickly scan a photo and turn it into a PDF

Xodo PDF Reader

The app also features really good cross-platform support, which is another big plus. It also multiple users to access documents and allow collaboration on the document. You can view, edit, and annotate PDF files on your iPhone and iPad. Just like other readers, you can view and edit PDF files from cloud storages like Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive and more.

Fast PDF viewing engine with smooth navigation. Supports text resizing, cropping images. Real-time collaboration to annotate PDF files. Multiple tab view to manage different files.

iAnnotate PDF

iAnnotate PDF specializes in the field of markup. It provides the user with a wide variety of annotation options, including Ben, Stamp, Voice Recorder, Highlighter and more. The application offers you the possibility to import documents of PPT, DOC and PDF extension along with image files. You can also create PDF from scratch using a graph, blank or lined paper.

The added feature is the ability to open multiple tabs, allowing the user to switch between documents without closing anyone. For all those impatient workers, the smooth scrolling feature helps them avoid having to wait for the next page to load.

WPS Office

Features include annotation viewing, PDF conversion to different formats, text search, PDF file sharing, night mode, PDF cloud storage, and many more. Although the app is not PDF-centric, it is the right choice if you are looking for a free mobile document editor that reads PDFs well too.

The WPS PDF viewer is useful, allowing users to add and view bookmarks, jump to page numbers, search for text, view annotations in a PDF file, and access PDFs from cloud storage. It’s not as packed with PDF-centric features as some other viewers, but the overall office suite features make it a good addition to your app drawer if you’re looking for a free mobile document editor that reads PDFs well, too.

good reader

The app gives you complete control in editing a document with the help of options like handwriting, highlighting, underlining, and more. You can bookmark an individual page within a document and search for specific words.

It also helps you to flatten the document and send it via email or let the recipient view any compatible PDF. Search tools, text reflow, and other navigation tools let you easily get to where you need to be in a document, while text and freehand annotation tools and digital signing let you easily make your mark.

Final words: Best PDF Apps for iOS

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