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Internet has made our lives much easier to communicate with our friends and family. Nowadays, every child is familiar with technology and almost every child has their own smart device. The iPhone is so famous for its security and ease of use that it is the first phone that parents can buy for their children. Kids can use iPhone for many things like chatting and chatting with friends, playing games, and surfing the Internet. But, some things are not suitable for your children or even dangerous for them.

As a caring parent, you need to regulate your child’s activities. So, you need iOS parental controls and select the best iPhone parental control apps to protect your kids from the dangers of the internet. However, there is also a great chance that your children will find something inappropriate online, such as pornography, gambling or drugs. Furthermore, there are many children who are abused on the Internet on a daily basis. Cyberbullying is very common nowadays, and it is necessary to protect your children from these dangers. It is the job of parents to keep their children safe. For this task, you need parental monitoring apps.

Here is the list of the best parenting apps for iOS and iPhone


In the digital age, most children have their own mobile devices. There is nothing wrong with that, but parents should be vigilant while using their children’s devices but don’t know how to do it. And that includes FamiSafe. As mentioned above, FamiSafe is a parental control app to track your child’s digital media usage.

You can use it to control your screen time, detect and block content that is not suitable for viewing, and monitor your location in real time right from your personal device. But that is not all. FamiSafe has a number of useful features designed to give parents complete peace of mind.

net nanny

Net Nanny is perhaps the oldest name in parental control software, and yet it remains one of the most modern and complete solutions. Zift bought the company in 2016 and briefly changed its name, but in May 2019 it reverted to the familiar name of Net Nanny.

Net Nanny offers a superior method of web filtering compared to most of its competitors. It scans pages as they are opened on a child’s device instead of simply relying on block lists like many other parental control services do. Net Nanny uses a scalpel instead of a sledgehammer to remove unwanted content from your child’s online experience.

Kaspersky Safe Kids

Kaspersky Safe Kids is a great value. For $14.99 a year, you can create as many child profiles and monitor as many devices as you like, regardless of platform. Norton Family Premier ($49.99 per year) and Screen Time ($39.99 per year) are some of the few that also don’t impose device limits.

You can also use Kaspersky Safe Kids for free. There are some limitations to this version, of course. You can’t track your child’s location, monitor their social media, view their YouTube search history, or receive real-time alerts for suspicious or blocked activity. You can try these premium features for free with a seven-day trial.

Norton family

A rich set of features includes support for limiting screen time, blocking inappropriate web content, restricting app usage, checking the current location of your child’s device, and receiving alerts when they arrive or leave home, school, and anywhere else. important in your life.

IOS users can mostly run whatever they want, though you’ll still be able to see what they’re doing in Norton’s alerts and reports. That’s not entirely Norton’s problem, though: Apple’s security model means that iOS doesn’t allow any app to have the same level of system control as Android.


However, OurPact is not perfect. The app has some glitches and it takes a while to set up. We also didn’t like it for a child tracker because it only tracks the device, not the child. So if the device is dropped, it does little to find the child. Overall though, we were impressed with how easy OurPact is to use and how customizable it can be for parenting styles.

OurPact is free to download, but you’ll need a subscription plan to get more than a few features. You have three plans to choose from: Free, Premium, and Premium+. The free package offers very little. You can add just one device, create a schedule, and block five websites or apps. Then there is a huge gap between the free package and the features of the Ourpact Premium package.

Google Family Link

Smartphones can be educational and entertaining, but they can also be dangerous. Despite its many benefits, it can also present dangers and addictions, especially among young children. From excessive screen time to accessing age-inappropriate content, parents don’t know what their children are being exposed to.

There are few ways to better know what your children are doing online, one of the best is to have a parental control app installed on your children’s device that allows them to monitor their online activity. Some of these apps cost money, but others are free and provide parents with some good protection tools.


Qustodio isn’t perfect, but it’s the best parental control app we’ve tested. It gives you granular control over how long individual apps are used and offers a robust web filtering system. If you’re having a hard time keeping tabs on how much your kids use screens, you’re not alone. Some parents accept defeat and give free rein to their children (and adolescents) instead of generating conflict. But there is another option: parental control software.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that all of these apps offer the same features or that the built-in parental controls on Android and iPhone will get the job done. In some ways they will, but one major omission is that they can’t control screen time if your child has access to multiple devices running different operating systems.

baby +

With “Baby +”, you can keep an eye on the development of your little child. What has caught my attention in this application is that it offers daily activities, which you can do with your child.

Weekly feedback ensures that you can easily find out how your child is progressing. And with essential parenting guides, Baby+ helps you become a more informative parent.


Another popular service is MMGuardian, not least because it allows you to pay a small monthly amount (£1.79/$1.99) to protect a single device. This is very useful if your child only has an iPhone or iPad, so you don’t have to pay more than necessary. To further reduce costs, there are options for an annual subscription which is priced at £17.99/$19.99 or £59.99/$79.99 for five years.

So what do you get for your money? Well, MMGuardian offers location tracking, web filtering so you can block adult content, select the types of websites your device can access, and even targeted blocking of certain sites. There’s also an image alert feature that notifies you if your child’s device has downloaded an image that might be inappropriate (ie nudity) and allows you to view the image itself.


This is an application for active families and in constant movement. If you’re the kind of parent who constantly wants to be active with your kids, look no further. Trekaroo shows parents activities, restaurants and hotels for children.

Each activity comes with parent reviews and you can search by price, age and rating. You can even book through the app, because Trekaroo is linked to

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