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Mobile applications are software programs that run on smartphones and other mobile communication devices. They can also be accessories that connect to a smartphone or other mobile communication device, or a combination of accessories and software. Mobile medical applications are medical devices that are mobile applications, meet the definition of a medical device, and are an accessory to a regulated medical device or transform a mobile platform into a regulated medical device.

Consumers can use mobile medical apps and mobile apps to manage their own health and wellness, such as monitoring their calorie intake and maintaining their weight. The National Institutes of Health’s LactMed app, for example, provides nursing mothers with information about the effects of medications on breast milk and the baby. Other apps are designed to help healthcare professionals improve and facilitate patient care.

The Radiation Emergency Medical Management (REMM) app provides guidance to healthcare providers on diagnosing and treating radiation injuries. Some mobile medical apps can diagnose cancer or heart arrhythmias, or act as a “command center” for a blood glucose meter used by an insulin-dependent diabetic. Below is a list of the best medical apps for iOS.

Here is the list of the best medical apps for iOS and iPhone


Another app that allows you to meet with specialists via video calls or chat for a consultation. You only have to meet with the doctors once and then follow up on the call or chat, all without any additional commission. With Practo, everything is simple. Get the right answers to your health questions. And when you want to see a doctor, you don’t need to go anywhere else—just search for doctors near you and book an appointment, making your visit hassle-free.

Apart from visiting the doctor, you can also book full body exams and diagnostic tests for various hidden diseases. Describe your symptoms to the virtual host and meet doctors who specialize in that area. You can consult a doctor online from more than 25 specialties, including a general practitioner, gynecologist, dentist, pediatrician, dermatologist, orthopedist, psychiatrist and many more. With this app’s online pharmacy, your medications arrive right at your doorstep. PURCHASE! CONFIDENCE! RECEIVE!


MedCalc is a free medical calculator that gives users access to a variety of medical formulas and values. Other features of this app include custom overlay controls, support for US and IS units, bibliographic references for formulas, and lists of recently used equations.


You’re a doctor? Or do you want to become one? If you would like your head, then this app will be of great help to you. Almostadoctor is a medical encyclopedia developed by experienced doctors with the goal of helping aspiring doctors, medical students, nurses, and other medical professionals. You can also get all the content of the website in the app.

It consists of more than 650 regularly updated articles on practical skills and exams. Don’t know how to interpret the data? No problem. The app can do the data interpretation for you. You will get orientation on OSCE, pharmacology, physiology and of course the clinical presentation of the disease. And the best thing is that it does not contain ads.

PubMed on top Lite

PubMed On Tap Lite searches PubMed to provide and display reference information. This app has all the features of the full version except for an abbreviated display of 5 records per search.

Other features of this application include EZproxy support, an internal web browser, the ability to email results as text or RIS, advanced search options, and save/recall recent searches.

EMS Informed Field Guide

$5.99 – There are two versions of this app: the Advanced Life Support Guide and the Basic Life Support Guide. The EMS Field Guide is the most widely used reference tool in emergency services.

The app allows you to access important information, including detailed illustrations, assessment information, medication intake, and medication dosage. It helps you interpret 12-lead ECGs and includes the latest American Heart Association (AHA) CPR and ACLS algorithms.

My Chart

Epic MyChart is a great tool and a one stop shop to connect with your medical practice. It’s a versatile tool that lets you view lab results, pay bills, send private messages to your doctor, and more. What I like the most is that I am notified and I can see my lab results as soon as they come out; I no longer have to wait or ask when you can see them, or call the doctor’s office only to wait on hold by the phone.

MyChart stores results and messages between you and your doctor and can be accessed through a computer or phone. The tool makes it really easy to connect and get information.

Medscape MedPulse

Medscape MedPulse is a trusted app that has redefined the way medical professionals access news related to their specialty and profession. One of the benefits of the app is that it provides accurate medical news from around the world. They are compiled by award-winning and presented in an easy-to-understand format. Expert perspectives on various diseases are designed to inform medical students, health professionals, and physicians about various new health discoveries. Unlike other apps on the market, this one has a special feature that allows users to select categories that fit their area of ​​expertise.

For example, if you select the “dental health” category, the app will only display dental news. This saves you time that you would have otherwise spent scrolling through the app to get the same information. Another important reason why you should download this app is that it provides up-to-date information on clinical trials as well as information on more than 150 medical conferences taking place in different parts of the world.

nurse eyelashes

$9.99 – A highly rated app for nursing students. The app allows nurses and students to search for 340 common diseases and disorders, separated by body system. There are explanations of each of the associated common diseases/disorders and test findings.

The app also includes potential nursing diagnoses and identifies potential complications that nurses need to assess and assess consistently in relation to each disease or disorder.

Transplant Referrals at NYU Langone Health

The Transplant Referrals app is designed for physicians who want to refer patients to the transplant team. Provides contact information for NYU Langone Transplant Institute physicians and nurse practitioners.

The institute prides itself on being a leader in research into diseases of the heart, kidney, lung, liver, and pancreas. The app classifies providers by organ specialty and then breaks them down by type of care. Users can view office phone numbers, extensions, and fax numbers in a user-friendly interface.

Nelson Pediatric Antimicrobial Therapy

Nelson’s Pediatric Antimicrobial Therapy is the app’s version of the text of the same name. The recently released 25th edition has been completely updated and the app has been redesigned. The free download includes access to a full chapter and several quizzes on infectious diseases. Users can search, browse content, or use calculators for weight-based dosing. Recommendations for all infectious diseases found in children can be found offline and efficacy.

Infections are broken down by age and type of infection; for example, all therapies for newborns can be seen in the same menu. Other reference chapters include “Choosing Among Antibiotics Within a Class” and “Determining Antibiotic Dosages Based on Sensitivity Data, Pharmacodynamics, and Treatment Outcomes.” The full guide can be downloaded from the App Store for $29.99.

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