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Home Design will help you gain practical experience and improve your current situation. Here you will find decorations, looks, the latest mood boards and practical applications for beginners. Although the creation of digital data requires more than 60 percent of our time, memory produces our time and allows you to design a house or interior design faster and more efficiently. To simplify the DIY system, it is not surprising that many new applications have emerged. Home design apps for iOS and iPhone that you can use to check for updates, interior designs, or just paint your house.

Most of the apps are incredibly comprehensive, allowing you to import and transfer furniture, take photos of any room, and imagine your next home décor. Others offer complete floor plans and 3D models of interiors and more from their collection. When it comes to a portal to creativity or imagination, practice is truly efficient for the consumer, so it helps to ask yourself a few questions first: Is it an architectural style or an interior design? Inspiration or repair? Planned house or simple 2D floor plan? Here we present the best Houses and Homes for iOS and iPhone.

Here is the list of the best homes and houses for iOS and iPhone


Havenly is an online interior design service that connects you with professional interior designers. Once you’ve purchased one of the two available packages, you can work with the designer of your choice, or you can let Havenly tailor the designer to your needs. Together, you will create a custom design concept for the space of your choice.

Whether you just want to spruce up your space or completely revamp your home, you can get a list of design options and custom purchases from Havenly. Your designer will get to know your style, preferences and budget before presenting you with a design concept complete with links to purchase the pieces of your choice. In addition to personal design services, Havenly also provides access to online resources including design inspiration and advice from serious experts.


Homestyler mobile app is an easy to use yet powerful interior design app. You can use this 3D room planning app to design and decorate your house or apartment with 1:1 realistic 3D furniture. You will find that space layout, interior design, furniture arrangement, remodeling and decoration are as fun as the game. The best interior plan maker with 3D visualization, whether it’s a free browser-based web version, a professional 3D floor planning mobile app, or a mobile app on iOS and iPhone, millions of interior designers and design enthusiasts They have come to our living room to plan rooms. Old home remodeling interior design furniture arrangement.

Choose a room design, repair and home decoration app. Choose a room, whether it is a living room, a bedroom, a kitchen, a bathroom, or a villa, an apartment, or even a courtyard garden, you don’t have to master complex 3D modeling or drawing house plans and graphic design to home. Choose the furniture that you like the most, move it, rotate it, place it and you will be able to make your design. Create a stunning interior with the Homestyler 3D home planner at your fingertips.


Houzz is a great referral service that provides inspirational information. The app is not a design product, but rather a mood board and recommendation service. Creativity is where all great desires begin, so you can’t get enough of it if you want to achieve it. With an extensive archive of designs, new projects, and product reviews, Houzz is your interior design tool. The software is free, easy to use and well built to create and validate various vulnerabilities. In addition, Houzz gives you the opportunity to see professionals in your field such as designers, architects, and distributors to complete your project.

magic plan

It is a room planning app for iOS that creates floor plans for images that users can scan. This makes the architecture of the room instantly “dimensionless and drawingless”. This is the right program for the latest floor plans. You may think this is not as comprehensive as advanced design apps, but Space Builder can help even beginners develop interior design fast.

Without calculating or drawing, users can build spaces of any size using a smartphone camera and GPS. The program calculates space based on shared images by creating a 3D floor plan and measuring materials automatically. Floor boards can be replaced, and other functional features can be added, such as plumbing, appliances, and more.

5D planner

Planner 5D is the largest free room architecture app in the industry. Simple rooms with walls, stairs and doors, more simple and detailed design ideas on architectural features. This room app also allows you to create environments and pools, both with stunning 3D graphics. You can even get ideas through your gallery.

Explore new and modern concepts from other designers in an interactive space. Planner 5D is easy to use, creates 2D and 3D views of templates, offers custom textures, text, and post-processing, has a catalog of 4,000 objects, and is available for uploading and customizing projects over the web. If you want to open the whole package, you need to pay for it.

Room Scan Pro

RoomScan Pro always gets the job done. Over two million people have created a floor plan with RoomScan Pro since its launch in 2012. It’s the only app with three great ways to get a floor plan. Touch the walls, use the camera or draw it yourself. Each mode can be combined with a Bluetooth laser measurement for greater accuracy.

Ideal for property status reports, take a photo with RoomScan Pro and your location is stored on the floor plan, you can even dictate notes on the photo. Scan building exteriors, yards and gardens too, with the ExteriorScan and PlotScan features. And jot down your plans with Apple Pencil. Create a flight plan and 3D model of the property and show it to clients as a scale model on their desktop. Capture more than floor plans. Go outside the box. Is it a floor plan or is it a photo? RoomScan Pro offers great quick floor plans.


Chairish is an app for shopping for new and old furniture. About any product that is in demand. For example, you can sell expensive antiques or pre-made products that you have designed and manufactured yourself. If you want to sell less than 10 products per month, the department list will be free, and this vendor app will earn 30 percent of your sales costs.

However, if you want to register more than a dozen products per month, you must accept a loyalty subscription. Paid membership gives customers additional benefits such as expedited billing and published listings. Chairing offers to include shipping costs in the estimated value, unlike some apps that allow you to earn money. You may want to check in large items for takeout only.


Decaso offers great products from real brands from the world’s most famous dealers. Customers are advised to contact our dealers immediately for inquiries and purchases. More than 25,000 products were selected. Shop for new products being added all the time – Browse your personal items through View in Your Room and post photos to get feedback from customers, friends and family. Filter by color, type, style and design. Automatically connect with dealers and buy responses, view beautiful, brilliant images, and genuinely enjoy what you love. You can also view the app history.

Ikea room planner

Our favorite home furnishings store has a concept app with interior design built in. IKEA Home Planner is a web-based application that allows you to set your own layout in a user-friendly way. Keep in mind that it is not suitable for experienced interior designers as it has few features. However, for beginners and common homeowners or DIYers, the app is a lot of fun. All you need to do is determine the size of the room, add the walls and floors, and choose what you want from your gallery.

You should create a wish list for your new room if you like the design of the house that you have created. Room resources also include a futuristic virtual kitchen calendar, bedroom planner, bathroom planner, and room plans for storage spaces. The software is super simple, convenient to use, free and can bring you great benefits when setting your budget for your room renovation.

3D home design

It takes months and even years to master 3D modeling. Not surprisingly, people who master this craft charge a lot of money for their services. For people who just want to see what their remodeled home will look like before they hire contractors and start tearing down walls and dismantling furniture, an easy-to-use iOS home design app is a much better option than hiring someone to do the work. worked.

Home Design 3D is an intuitive modeling app suitable for beginners. It allows you to draw floor plans, design and decorate your house inside and out with thousands of furniture and accessories, and render everything in 3D. The app is available for free, but you’ll need to upgrade via an in-app purchase to save your projects. Saved projects can be shared online or transferred to other devices thanks to the cross-platform merge option.

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