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It is critical for event planners to fully engage the guest and leave them with a great experience at the event. All you need is a great event app that can help you exchange and also know more about your guest. An event app (or conference app) is an app that offers different tools that help you achieve a successful event and also the ultimate business goal. Most of the event app will easily provide features like agenda, guest profile, and messaging, thus streamlining the event process and increasing attendees’ experience before, during, and even after the event.

Event planning is a complex and ever-changing field, and event app designers must always innovate to keep up with the latest trends. A contemporary trend is the move toward “hybrid events” that merge in-person and online parties. Today there are too many event apps on the market, how can we select the most suitable one? So today, we present to you the best event app for Android.

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EventMobi is an open and integrated event experience platform that covers the life cycle of an event, meeting or conference. It is a platform for companies, event coordinators, or anyone who wants to provide rich and recent interaction for their attendees.

The platform is packed with the technology and tools event coordinators need to give attendees and guests a seamless event experience. It’s easy to use, quick to set up, and highly customizable. Its main features include event apps, registration and registration, notifications, gamification, polls and surveys, analytics, etc. It also allows event attendees to access past, current, and upcoming events in one centralized location, making it an amazing multi-event management tool.


Whova is a virtual event management platform that aims to help event organizers improve attendee engagement and expand networking opportunities. It offers event management and branding tools. And the responsive Whova app means guests can interact with event planners before the actual event from almost any device.

Whova was primarily an event management and engagement app designed for attendees and managers of in-person events. Like many companies these days, they have pivoted to focus more of their attention on developing virtual event tools, creating the core functionality for all stages of virtual event planning and management.


EventXtra is a full-featured event management software designed to serve businesses, agencies. EventXtra provides comprehensive solutions designed for Windows. This online event management system offers exhibit/vendor management, attendee management, conference/convention, ticketing, and credential management all in one place.

If your event has attendees from all over the world, including China and outside of China. It is important to have a comprehensive solution for your event. In China’s network, Facebook and Google services are prohibited. EventX’s comprehensive solution can help solve this problem. EventX Solution is natively supported in China and the rest of the world.


Attendify is an event management platform that gives corporations, organizations, and event organizers the tools they need to create a custom event app that helps them manage their events, improve attendance, increase participant engagement, and more. . The software comes with social networking element with profiles, photo sharing, messaging, polls and more.

From a single panel, Attendify makes it easy for users to manage their events, whether they are small forums or large corporate conferences. Its private network functionality that allows attendees to connect with other attendees drives engagement and communication and allows users and attendees to create a thriving social community.

super event

The free version of the app is suitable for free events of up to 50 people. Information and private messaging are available, but interaction features are part of the premium plans. Being able to create your event app without delay and without having to wait for an account manager to be assigned for someone to set up the app for you will be a huge plus for busy, self-sufficient event planners who need a fast app. . .

It is possible to import your event schedule or add sessions directly through the CMS. If you have previously set a room name or location, it remembers it and allows you to select it from the drop-down menu. You can add labels and colors for different tracks and filter by track, labels and locations. You can also specify the main session and subsessions.


Eventee is the easiest tool to use to organize face-to-face, virtual or hybrid events. In addition to the beautiful and intuitive web and mobile app interface, Eventee helps you with onsite event management, attendee engagement, and improves the overall event experience.

Take advantage of the features Eventee offers: event schedule, live streaming, workshop bookings, newsfeed, live moderated questions and polls, networking, partner showcase, custom integrations, custom branding, analytics and much more.


Aventri is a highly advanced event management software that seamlessly handles event planning tasks in a single cloud-based hub. It is a comprehensive platform that offers end-to-end task management for all its users. It is ideal for event planners, meeting planners, administrative executives, marketers, and travel managers. It has specialized tools for the following industries: education, financial services, technology, media, automotive and airlines.

Aventri’s main tools and features include advanced registration, venue sourcing, email marketing, and analytics. It has a strong suite of services that allows you to produce native mobile apps for events. Through it, you can seamlessly connect with all the guests and attendees with just one click. This type of connectivity can also be used for marketing purposes.

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“Planner Pro” is a complete event planning app for Android. Combining events, tasks, and notes instead, the app offers the flexibility to plan events, keep track of all related tasks, and also take note of important things. And that too without having to jump from one extreme to the other. This neat integration offers a more streamlined experience.

Another front where Planner Pro has an edge over other similar apps is customization. Therefore, you can customize your events, tasks, and notes to keep everything in line with your needs. Based on your requirements, you can show or hide calendars, set different priorities for tasks based on importance, and add unlimited notes so you don’t forget any essential tasks. In a nutshell, Planner Pro is what you need to organize your events the smart way and execute the planning the right way.

The free version has limitations that are quite strict and may prevent you from using it. You can’t create integrations with other services with the free app, for example. Your collaboration is limited to sharing lists and assigning only one task. You also cannot customize when a recurring task will occur. has a simple setup. You create lists, which contain tasks. Tasks can contain subtasks. Tasks can also contain details, such as notes, attachments, tags, a due date, and an assignee if you work with collaborators. As you start, the app suggests tips for learning its features.


Evernote has a host of features that clearly set it apart from other note-taking apps. When used correctly, it can function as a robust project management tool that the entire team can access from virtually all of their devices, which can then be synced to the cloud. This eliminates data loss as each team member can connect and use the app at any time.

There are several types of notes and files you can create, including audio recordings, photos, handwritten doodles, attachments, and reminders. Of course, since Evernote is a note-taking app, the note itself is the main unit, with the most options and customization dedicated to it. The different types of notes you can make on it is amazing.

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