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When it comes to driving outdoors, serious hikers, backpackers, or survivalists know the importance of having a good compass in their hiking gear. With the advancement of technology, you can take your phone across the country and still have the benefit of a compass on your phone. The compass app hasn’t changed much in the last ten years. They use the accelerometer of their devices to determine the direction. Sometimes they require calibration and magnetic cases can mess them up. But, in general, they all do the job fundamentally the same way.

They are useful for hikers, boaters and many other outdoor activities where GPS connectivity is not always the best or if you just want to dare using only a compass to navigate. You can download a compass app on your Android device and use it to track your route, speed, distance, and altitude. At the essential level, a compass app should use your phone’s sensors to help you navigate through the latest terrain and return to your location.

Check out the list of the best compass apps for Android

Compass 360 Pro Free

Almost a decade ago smartphones were not everything we wanted, fortunately this is the future and they have evolved. Compass 360 Pro is one of those apps that really highlights the versatility of our beloved mobile platform. Android smartphones have advanced enough to provide us with many great additional features that weren’t really possible just a short time ago.

This free compass app for Android comes with a very readable interface. It also works right out of the box and has calibration features to make it more accurate. The app is responsive and works as expected. The app is one of the most polished compass apps and it is really a joy to use. Tap on the app icon and you are ready to use the app, this is one of the best things about it.

digital field compass

The Digital Field Compass app is a simple app without all the fluff like backgrounds or fancy maps, making light on battery usage. The app is free, accurate, and user-friendly with a central digital dashboard that shows your heading in degrees, but requires WiFi access for best results.

Also, the app can tell if you have magnetic interference and is great for digital guidance on the ground. The app also includes pitch and roll fields so you can use it in a marine environment for sailing or sailing. You can adjust the declination of your current location manually and use night mode to preserve your night vision.

Fullmine software compass

Fulmine Software is a developer on Google Play with a decent basic compass app. It has the usual features and works without GPS or data connection. Also, you get a persistent notification with your header along with a magnetic and true header.

Of course it works a bit better with GPS, but all compasses really should. Both the free and premium variants have virtually no permissions along with cool stuff like latitude and longitude coordinates.

steel compass

Compass Steel is a simple and ad-free compass app with true heading and magnetic heading. The compass is touted for its accuracy and high contrast to improve readability.

The autocalibration application has a tilt compensation function that helps to obtain correct measurements. You can also set and save destination addresses. It also features a sun and moon direction indicator and comes with multi-color themes to choose from.

GPS compass navigator

This is another great Compass app that you can use to determine directions. Most of the travelers use this app to find navigation while traveling, hiking or camping.

You just need to install this app from play store to access address search around you. This app has numerous features that you can discover. It includes a voice navigation system, a regular navigation system and many more.

galaxy compass

Beginners need a simple compass app that won’t give them a headache to use. Compass Galaxy is a basic digital compass that features a simple interface and does not require any unnecessary permissions. Despite its simplicity, this compass works great for everyday use as long as you’re not near the magnetic field.

Compass Galaxy will send you a notification every time it needs calibration. As with other compasses, you need to move the device in 8 gestures for calibration. But you will find that it requires frequent calibration, especially when you are very close to a magnet.

smart compass

It features telescope, night, digital and Google Maps modes, with street maps and satellite maps available in the latter. Standard mode uses your phone’s camera to get a true view of the address. The app includes a GPS speedometer and a screenshot tool.

This Android app is part of the Smart Tools app collection, which also offers useful apps like a metal detector, level, and distance measuring app.

Compass by NixGame

NixGame’s Compass app is easy to use and convenient, all with its ability to switch between a geographic pole and a magnetic pole so you can get the most accuracy from this app.

NixGame’s Compass app also uses your GPS or other location services to make sure you have the most accurate reading. This app will also tell you your latitude and longitude, so you can know exactly where you are and even give your friends the exact coordinates. Because NixGame’s compass app uses location services, you will also be able to see your exact location address!

Digital compass

One of the best compass apps for Android that you can find on the Google Play Store is Digital Compass. This is one of those compass apps that comes with a compass and map outlay. And you have the option to clearly choose the desired disbursement.

The app clearly displays true north and flashes a location on a map. The developer clearly states that magnetic covers should not be used with a compass as they can interfere with the app.

KWT digital compass

KWT is a developer on Google Play with a digital compass app. It works like most of the others. You calibrate it and it tells you the address. However, this also includes slope angle, magnetic field strength, sensor status, and a few other potentially useful data points.

It doesn’t have anything super fancy like real directions like some other compass apps. However, navigation apps do that sort of thing better anyway, so we appreciate an app that’s just a good basic compass. It’s cheap, it works, and the user interface looks good.

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