Beem app update lays the groundwork for the AR messaging app of the future

What you need to know

  • AR messaging app Beem just got a big UI overhaul and several new features, including a new home screen that lets users record more quickly.
  • Holograms can now be saved and reshared in the app’s gallery, and clips are now converted on the phone instead of in the cloud.
  • Beem is aiming to better position itself for future AR platforms and businesses with new backend changes.

Earlier this year, AR startup Beem received a round of new investment funding that went directly toward a brand new app and backend update. While Beem’s initial app release was novel, the interface left a lot to be desired and it heavily relied on communication through other apps before beginning the “holographic” experience.

Beem’s new app update better presents itself as a messaging app from the get-go. Much like Snapchat or similar apps, Beem — which is a free download on Android and iOS — now begins with a camera viewfinder that encourages users to record messages immediately upon opening the app. Those messages are now rendered and converted on-device instead of on the cloud and can also be saved and reshared as many times as you want.

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