How to Make Folders and Organize Apps on iPhone

How to Make Folders and Organize Apps on iPhone

Tada Images/ To better organize your apps, your iPhone allows you to create folders in which you can put relevant apps together. This makes finding apps easier and declutters your phone’s home screen. We’ll show you how to create and delete such folders on your iPhone. RELATED: 6 Tips for Organizing Your iPhone Apps Create … Read more

Is The Stardust Period Tracker App On Android?

After the Supreme Court struck down Roe V. Wade, the Stardust period-tracker became the most downloaded app on iOS. But, is it available on Android? The Stardust app is creating waves on iOS, but is it available on Android? Stardust is an astrology-based menstrual cycle-tracking app that recently became the most downloaded period tracking app … Read more

Will Epic Games’ Fortnite Make the Long Awaited Comeback to the iOS App Store in the Future?

It’s been nearly two years since California tech giant Apple removed Epic Games’ insanely popular battle royale Fortnite from its App Store on the iOS platform. So far, the situation has been more or less stagnant with the game still being far away from making a return. ADVERTISEMENT Article continues below this ad Speaking of … Read more

Apple Wallet Is iPhone’s New Secretly Sticky App

Getting blue text bubbles in your Messages app, instead of green ones from non-iPhones, is supposedly Apple’s method of device lock-in. But, even more so, Apple Wallet is suddenly becoming the reason to continue using an iPhone—it keeps the device sticky so existing owners don’t jump ship. It’s been a slow burn to creating this … Read more

Metronet deploys Nokia PON technology

US fiber-optic network provider Metronet deploys Nokia’s next-generation PON technology to deliver 10GBps speeds to subscribers with an upgrade path to 25G. Nokia says Metronet will roll out XGS-PON in eight new markets with more communities planned. Metronet operates fiber-to-the-premise networks connecting homes, businesses, and cities with gigabit speeds that support applications such as HD … Read more

iTWire – The Nanoleaf Lines allow you to light your way

The Nanoleaf Lines are a smart lighting package that allows you to enjoy amazing artworks of light, designed however you like, with simple interlocking bars – well, lines – that dance with light and react to music. Make your own light show – without being constrained by out-of-the-box light shapes. Nanoleaf has released its latest … Read more

How to stop apps from tracking your location on your iPhone or Android phone

The phone that you carry with you every day has access to your location data and knows exactly where you are and exactly where you have been in the past. If you feel that infringes upon your privacy, what is worse, is that there could be many third-party applications accessing this data from your phone. … Read more

Apple bans dangerous app! Delete from your iPhone now, it can call on your behalf, take photos

This dangerous spyware has targeted several iPhone and Android users! Apple has banned the app now. Know what you should do to avoid this spyware on your iPhone. Apple iPhones are being attacked by a most dangerous app, which Apple has now banned. This latest spyware is capable of hacking your iPhone! Google’s Threat Analysis … Read more