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Select Villa Homes at Splendido feature built-in technology that allows residents to control lighting, temperature, and more via a Google hub (shown on kitchen counter).

Aging Well in the home is evolving, due to the growing popularity of smart speakers and other connected devices. Whether you like to relax to music, keep up with current events, or catch up with friends on a video chat, you can do so with a simple voice command. Imagine applying that convenience and flexibility to control your home’s lighting, temperature, and even doorbell.

This type of smart-home technology is built into some of the Villa Homes at Splendido, an all-inclusive community for those age 55 and better in Oro Valley. “Smart appliances, smart thermostats, and the like—these are part of a broader trend in home design that reveals people want convenience and ease in everyday life,” says Marisela Panzarella, the Designer/Move-In Coordinator at Splendido, a Life Plan Community in Oro Valley for those 55 and better. “And residents who move into one of our ‘smart’ Villas can enjoy this technology as soon as they move in. We provide an iPad loaded with the necessary apps, so they don’t even have to wait to download anything to their own smartphones or tablets.”

Convenient Connections

Each of the smart Villa Homes comes with an installed package of Google products that work off a Google Hub, providing unique, often interconnected conveniences and efficiencies, including:

  • Smart speakers in the kitchen and bedrooms allow the home’s residents to verbally check the internet, play music, and control many other features from adjusting the lights to changing the temperature. The kitchen hub includes a screen and video camera for video chats, and is ideal for ordering recipes!

  • A smart doorbell provides added security and peace of mind when strangers come to call. Residents can view and speak with visitors at the front door from any room of the house, or remotely through their smartphone.

  • Smart light switches Let residents adjust lighting with verbal commands, and they can set certain lights on a timer from inside the home or remotely. Residents can turn off their home’s lights once they’re in bed, for example, or turn them on before they come home after dark. (Lights can also be turned on and off manually.)

  • A Nest thermostat can be adjusted with a verbal command, from a smartphone, or manually. Residents can preset the air conditioning or use a smartphone to turn it on when they’re due to return home from being out and about.

  • A preconfigured iPad for each Villa Home allows residents to easily control smart-home technology through the Google Home App. That same app can be installed on a smartphone, so the resident can control the system remotely. For example, if a resident is out walking their dog and someone rings their doorbell, they can look at their phone and see who it is through the camera built into the doorbell.

Each system operates on a high-speed, mesh Wi-Fi network that ensures a strong signal throughout the home.

Splendido has available Villa Homes in a variety of floor plans—some with smart technology and others without. For more information on the homes, including a virtual tour and sample floor plans, visit


See inside some of Splendido’s gorgeous Villa Homes for yourself. We regularly host Parade of Villa Homes events, where small groups can walk through some model homes.

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