Apple says it’s bringing desktop-class apps to iPad… but where is Final Cut Pro?!

At the latest Apple event for developers (opens in new tab)Apple WWDC 2022, the tech giant launched multiple new editions to their hardware and software line-ups, but one thing that stood out to me in the Keynote was this: “We are continuing to make iPad more capable with desktop-class apps. “

This is obviously a great advantage to many who use an iPad as their everyday, always with you device, leaving the laptop or desktop in the office. But, while it’s nice to have Keynote, Pages and many other apps that can sync from your iPad to your other Apple devices… where is the Final Cut Pro app for iPad?!

(Image credit: Apple)

Many professional cinematographers and content creators use iPad to currently edit their videos on the go with Luma Fusion (opens in new tab), which handles 4K footage with ease, thanks to the iPad’s M1 chip, but why not have the native Final Cut Pro X app for Apple, have it be able to edit video but also create a proxy so it can use less power on your iPad and allow you to make quick changes on the fly before you get back to your home office and more powerful Mac Studio. Or better yet, just have it able to edit all your videos, 1080p or 4K and have a file save as a proxy backup in the cloud, which you could access on your other devices.

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