App Army Assemble: Only One – “Is this new puzzler a number one contender?”

Only One is a logic-based puzzler from solo developer Kofi Austin, also known as Kofiro. Each of the game’s brainteasers centers around the titular number in some way. You just need to work out how. We’ve got plenty of puzzle fans in our App Army group, so we handed the game over to them to see what they made of it.

Here’s what they said:

Oksana Ryan

This was a quick and relatively easy puzzler which was fun to play but very short (50 levels). Most of the puzzles were connected to the number 1 with a few rogue levels thrown in to make things interesting. I used the ‘clue’ button once and then kicked myself for not seeing the puzzle solution. The fact that the puzzles seemed easy and some were really obvious, coupled with the number of levels, meant the game was over far too soon – I would have loved more levels, getting progressively more difficult. However, what was available was fun and distracted me for a while.

Robert Maines

Only One is a puzzler where you must perform a series of actions to complete the level and move on. These are all focused on the number 1, as you use the touch screen to reduce colours, fill in figures and complete objects. It looks nice and thankfully the puzzles are relatively straightforward at first. The only problem is that there are not that many levels, the puzzles can be burnt through quickly and there is no real reason to go back. Still, it’s cheap and if you need a puzzle fix it’s a very well-done game.

Pierpaolo Morgante

Only One! is a puzzle game that revolves around the number one. The player needs to interact with the screen (swiping, filling in blanks, pulling up and down on the screen) to solve the levels and proceed throughout the game. The game is well designed, and the controls are intuitive and work without any issues. I usually don’t play games with the sound on, so I cannot say anything about the soundtrack. As others said, the game has fifty levels. Some of them are harder to figure out than others, but they are all equally enjoyable. The game has a suggestion button, although I never used it. The price ($1.99 for both Android and iOS) is affordable, and it sounds right for the length of the game.

Torbjörn Kämblad

Only One is what I would call a nonsense puzzle game. The task for all levels is the same, get the 1. At times it is the number 1, and at times it is getting everything in 1 colour, the weight of 1… you get it.
I am calling it a nonsense puzzler because there is no learning to it, no progression in skill and most puzzles are solved without even thinking. I did however enjoy the 50 puzzles offered, and some puzzles amused me quite a lot. The 50 levels could be completed within 15 minutes making it extremely short. I can not find any replayability either making it hard to recommend.

Mark Abukoff

Nothing here was terribly difficult, though I did use the clue feature once or twice, really, they’re not hard, and many use the same techniques or logic to figure them out. I found the puzzles to be relaxing and fairly simple. The controls were simple and worked fine. Sounds were okay, especially when they let you know you’d solved the puzzle (otherwise there wasn’t always an immediate indication). Ultimately, it’s a pretty short but imaginative if limited, pleasant and not too challenging puzzler. Not the most exciting puzzler I’ve ever played but a pleasant diversion. I’d hope that more levels and maybe a wider variety of puzzles were added in updates. Otherwise, it’s done and gone pretty quickly.

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