Amazon Restocks PS5 Digital Edition Console for Prime Members

Amazon restocks the PS5 Digital Edition console, but the opportunity is only available for Amazon Prime subscribers.

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Past console generations have seen Sony mostly stick with releasing one version of its consoles at a time, with new iterations released later on. Sony bucked this trend with the PlayStation 5 console, releasing both a standard version with a disc drive for $499.99, along with a Digital Edition-only version of the PS5 with no disc drive for $399.99. Unfortunately, both versions of the PS5 have been difficult for fans to come by thanks to a variety of factors.

Chip shortages, the COVID-19 pandemic, PS5 scalpers, and more have made it incredibly hard for the average consumer to buy either version of Sony’s next-generation console. All fans can do is try to take advantage of retailer restocks and keep their fingers crossed that they are successful in ordering one. The next chance gamers have at getting a PS5 Digital Edition console is the Amazon restock, which takes place at 8am PT on Wednesday, March 30, exclusively for Amazon Prime members. If one is a Prime member, click here to try buying a PS5 Digital Edition console from Amazon.


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Those with an extensive collection of physical PS4 games or who just prefer physical media in general will want to wait for the standard PS5 with a disc drive to become available again, but those that don’t care about those things may as well pick up the PS5 Digital Edition. Whereas there is a significant power difference between the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S consoles, both versions of the PS5 are basically identical – it’s just one has a disc drive and the other doesn’t.

Amazon PS5 Digital Edition Console Restock Date and Time

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  • Wednesday, March 30 at 8am PT

It’s possible that a third version of the PlayStation 5 will be introduced at some point down the line, so some may want to wait and see if there’s any movement on that front. According to a rumor from a fairly reliable source, it seems that Sony is preparing a new PlayStation 5 console that could effectively be the “Pro” version of the current PS5. Alternatively, it could also be a new version of the PS5 that just has minor design or hardware changes. In any case, it’s rumored to be releasing at some point in 2023, so fans should keep that in mind.

One hardware design revision that many PS5 gamers would likely embrace is an easier way to expand the console’s storage. With video game file sizes ballooning out of control, console storage space has become harder to come by than ever before, and expanding PS5 console storage means taking the console apart versus simply plugging in a memory card-like device like Xbox owners can do. However, specifics regarding the future PS5 hardware iterations are not available at the time of this writing and the new consoles are not guaranteed, so those who are anxious to start playing next-gen games may want to consider jumping on this Amazon restock.

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