Airthings brings its air quality monitors to Australia

Airthings is known globally for its comprehensive range of air quality controls and monitors, and now it’s come down under to help Australians create a healthier home environment.

Air quality, pollution, and issues associated with mold are major talking points worldwide in light of climate change and other factors. Airthings is committed to helping people understand and be informed about the air quality in their living and working environments. And, just as we know what gets measured gets improved, the Airthings core range provides valuable information to create the healthiest and most cost-effective home environment.

With many people spending roughly 90% of their time indoors it’s imperative to ensure the air we breathe is positively impacting our wellbeing and long-term health. Yet, with bushfires, COVID, and an increasing prevalence of mold due to two years of heavy rains, our indoor quality can often be five times more harmful than outside.

Studies revealed that around 10-50% of Australian homes were affected by dampness and mold and that around 20% of Australians suffered from seasonal allergies. Additionally, studies indicate around four percent of annual deaths are attributed to air pollution. It’s a problem that’s not slowing down, but Airthings says you can control your indoor home environment.

The Airthings range consists of View Plus, View Pollution, Wave Plus, and Wave Mini, and are available now from Officeworks in-store and online and from JB Hi-Fi online.

View Plus can be powered by batteries or USB and delivers detailed air quality tech to give you complete insight – and thus control – over the air you breathe. It’s Wi-Fi connected, includes a customisable display, comes with companion smartphone apps, and also provides an online dashboard with a vast array of data and reports. Knowing what’s in the air you breathe allows you to make positive changes and protect your family from allergies, mold, smoke, viruses, air pollution, and more. The recommended retail price is $399.99.


View Pollution measures particle matter (PM), humidity, and temperature and is the most advanced indoor pollution monitor. It allows you to keep your PM and humidity levels in an optimal zone to fine against asthma symptoms. If you live in a wildfire zone, you need to understand your exposure to smoke. With Airthings View Pollution you can track how much pollution is entering your home and if your air purifiers are working. The recommended retail price is $329.99.

Wave Plus is a smart, battery-operated indoor air quality monitor with six sensors to measure radon, CO2, humidity, temperature, airborne chemicals, and pressure. It aids you in preventing illness and in increasing productivity, energy, and good health. It’s the first smart indoor air quality monitor with radon detection. It retails for $329.99.

Wave Mini is a mini smart indoor air quality monitor for mold risk, temperature, humidity, and airborne chemicals. It retails for $129.99 and is small in size and price but big in impact.

When you understand the air quality in your home, you are empowered to make changes in your home and in your life to optimize your air quality and thus your quality of life. Be informed and live better with the Airthings range, now here in Australia.


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