AHI Integration released into US App Stores by Bearn

PERTH, Australia, March 17, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Bearn, a Californian based wellness technology company, has now launched the integrated AHI BodyScan on both iOS and Android platforms.

Bearn’s unique wellness app rewards Users for health and wellness activities including fitness, nutrition, weight management, sleep, stress management and more. Users of the Bearn app earn reward dollars for healthy behaviours. The more individuals and families focus on their health, the more they earn. This gamifies wellness in a powerful way to help Users become proactive about their health. The Bearn app framework gives User’s access to the AHI in-app scan technology to assess body dimensions and composition changes over time and rewarded for reaching their goals. Bearn will also be launching the FaceScan technology which provides health measurements using transdermal optical imaging analysis (ie, the ability to extract human metrics through the skin) and advanced AI.

The first step in managing health is to establish a baseline. From there, a consistent and repeatable process to measure change is critical. Previously, measures methods were prohibitive due to the extensive cost and time requirement. Using AHI’s scanning technology, users can digitally and privately self-assess their dimension, composition, and other health metrics to self-monitor their health and risk. Bearn will initially offer individual scans with the intention to offer subscription packages in their second release. The added benefit is that the Bearn app provides coaching and guidance to help Users take the necessary steps to improve health while also rewarding the goal-orientated behaviours. This will allow the User to use the combination of BodyScan and FaceScan as both a risk assessment package and a motivating tool for redemption in the Bearn Marketplace as well as through the employer and payer funded model to leverage scan assessment and data. Essentially this “pays” employees and the insured to actively improve and measure their health and wellness.

Aaron DrewFounder and Chief Executive Officer of Bearn said:

“We’re excited to finally have the application in the stores. We have eight partners with a combined audience of over 10 million potential users that we expect to have ready for release between April, and July 2022. This will be further enhanced with our recent acquisition of Sage Health and Wellness. We have a stunning pipeline of partners that have all embraced the integrated offering and will see the Bearn application exposed to over 50 million people across their combined audiences.

When we entered into the agreement with AHI, we undertook a first-year target of one million active users. Now that we are live, I look forward to delivering this outcome for the benefit of the partnership, but also to show my appreciation for the AHI team for their patience and support throughout the last year.”

Now that Bearn is live, it plans to offer AHI’s technology in a bundle within Bearn’s existing platform allowing Users to engage with the AHI BodyScan, and FaceScan separately or together as CompleteScan. This provides the User options: pay as you go or subscription packages to appeal to different budgets. Bearn will also encourage their customers to apply their earnings and employer-sponsored incentive dollars to purchase upgrades to get even more value out of their Bearn experience.

Bearn is currently integrating the new platform with eight of its partners.

Accuro Fit (Accuro), has one million active Users, with integration near completion. Accuro has commenced internal promotions in preparation for a full rollout. The intention of the integration is to leverage the BodyScan and FaceScan to generate a baseline for each user, and from this, measure their future performance. This information will be used for communication between gyms, trainers, coaches, and the user population.

Integration with the Benefits app has now been successfully piloted with a commercial launch targeting their 500,000 Users. Bearn will leverage the BodyScan and FaceScan technology as a method of analysis and setting a baseline for employer-based programs via this partnership.

White Label iRedeem rewards platform via Health Perk Plans is a health and wellness benefits platform with nine million potential users and is currently under integration with the Bearn platform. In addition to this, Perk Plan intends to offer the Bearn app as a standalone product. Part of this plan includes a unique ability to leverage the BodyScan and FaceScan to its health and life insurance partners.

RxSpark will launch a unique program in which Bearn will be the complete rewards and incentive platform partner to RxSpark along with Bearn adding RxSpark for prescription compliance tracking, measurement and rewarding to the Bearn Marketplace Users. This represents a potential combined user base of 10-15 million Users. Integrations are near completion.

LifeStart Health integration with Trainerize is a Personal Training Software platform to better connect trainers and clients. In this digital age, working out is no longer connected to a physical space. Trainerize empowers fitness professionals to be closer to their clients anytime, anywhere. By combining online workout-tracking, in-app client communication and access to the world’s best fitness add-ons, Trainerize makes it possible for trainers to look after their clients in a revolutionary new way. It saves time and resources, taking away the burden of planning, managing, and scheduling. This allows fitness professionals to focus on what they love to do most: train and motivate their clients. Trainerize has 45,000 fitness businesses, 200,000 coaches, over 1 million clients.

CHC Wellness integration exposes the combined application into self-insured employer groups. For over 18 years, CHC Wellbeing has worked with companies across the country to create a workplace community that makes employee wellbeing a top priority. CHC provides a high-touch, onsite and telephonic experience that provides clinically based interventions that improve member health. Combined with the CHC suite of digital and mobile tools, CHC goes beyond just physical health and provide personalized digital health journeys where the member is in the driver’s seat. Companies that partner with CHC achieve lower healthcare costs, increased productivity and employees that bring their best selves to work.

Now Live Clinicians Advocacy Group (CAG) are an integrated team of experts specializing in Clinician, Employer and Patient Advocacy using innovative technology, concepts, and methods. Creating deeper relationships between the community and health providers is a way to increase access to and reduce the cost of illness among all people, especially those experiencing health inequity and disparity. CAG believes that by working together, independent clinicians and business leaders can change the ever-increasing costs of healthcare and provide the US with something we all can join hands for, and that is a healthier America. The CAG went live in March with Bearn the app bundle which now includes the AHI BodyScan.

As previously disclosed to the ASX, Bearn signed an agreement to offer the integrated AHI solution to its Marketplace which currently reaches millions of new potential Users every month. As part of the Marketplace offering, Bearn offered BodyScan which will be followed by FaceScan. Bearn also offers a Bearn branded “Accuro” wearable as an additional tool for measurement. These help Users earn and engage across the Bearn ecosystem of branded apps, equipment, health, and fitness partners. Bearn will reward its Users with cash allowing them access to more than 4,500 retailers offering unique rewards that Users can purchase through their participation in health and wellness activities.

Dr Katherine IscoeCEO of AHI, said:

“This is a proud accomplishment for our team. During the period that Bearn was challenged with unforeseen delays, AHI provided continued assistance to Bearn so that this partnership could go live in the US app stores. In addition, during the extended integration period, Bearn has significantly advanced their own commercial agreements, which in turn has expanded our market reach. the best possible outcome both from our partnership and the partnerships Bearn has now and moving forward.”

Vlado BosanacStrategy and Revenue for AHI, said:

“Bearn will be AHI’s first launched partner to really focus on the triaging of individualized care through the unique data set AHI supplies. Recent times have seen a myriad of organizations looking to expand into remote care, with a primary focus on chronic disease. a blurring of the lines between mHealth, Wellness and Digital Fitness, with companies across these sectors looking to partner with each other and address chronic disease, along with the overweight and obese populations around the world. sets and products, such as Health Insights, Digital Scans, Clinical Development, Social Programs, Micromedex, and imaging software offerings to better understand and enhance the way they care for their communities.

The Bearn application is not only unique in the way it rewards Users but meets several behavioral engagement needs backed by research. For example, a publication in Nature, Megastudies improve the impact of applied sciencehighlighted “micro rewards to be the most successful way to enhance behavioral change when looking to increase gym attendance.”

For more information, please go to: https://bearn.co/ | https://www.ahi.tech/

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