7 reasons you need the new SwannBuddy Video Doorbell

(Pocket-lint) – Smart security enthusiasts generally install video doorbells for two reasons – convenience and safety. Video doorbells are convenient because they allow you to see who’s at the door and communicate with them. If you receive a delivery, for example, you can ask the delivery guy to place the package on the porch step. You can also monitor your front door and receive push alerts whenever there’s an unwanted visitor.

But what if your video doorbell could serve many other purposes? What if your video doorbell could also alert you when it detects motion outside your door, monitor for heat signatures and emit a powerful siren when needed?

The SwannBuddy™ Video Doorbell is currently one of the most advanced video doorbells for smart homes on the market. It’s a budget-friendly and future-proof smart home device equipped with advanced motion detection and heat detection capabilities, so you receive intelligent alerts whenever there’s any motion from humans near your doorbell. This doorbell completely negates false alerts, so you’re only informed when there’s an actual visitor.

Below, we provide an overview of the reasons you need the new Swann Buddy Video Doorbell.

Crystal-clear horizontal or vertical view, as per your preference

The video doorbell has an integrated 1080p camera that can capture the sharpest details, allowing you to see potential intruders’ number plates and facial details. The camera has an ultra-wide 180-degree angle, which means you can view the entire periphery of your home, reducing the camera’s blind spots. You can also set the camera in vertical mode, allowing you to capture the person from top to bottom, so you can see the parcels left on the doorsteps.

Fewer false alarms with smart motion and heat detection capabilities

The SwannBuddy™ Video Doorbell is equipped with heat, motion, and person detection capabilities. The motion detector informs you whenever there’s any motion near the door, the heat detector looks for the heat signatures of actual people, eliminating the risk of false alarms, and the person detection feature identifies the shape of the heat signature. Thanks to these features, the Swann Buddy Video Doorbell ensures you only receive alerts when there’s actual movement from people near your door.

Automatic infrared vision ensures you’re never in the dark, even on the darkest night

The SwannBuddy™ Video Doorbell has powerful infrared lenses that ensure you’re never in the dark. As the night sets in, the camera will automatically switch to infrared night vision, allowing you to see people up to 16 feet (5 meters) away. This feature allows you to monitor the doorway even in the darkest night. Furthermore, the video doorbell also has an IP56 rating, so it can withstand all kinds of weather elements, such as rainfall and storms.

Optimal flexibility of installation – hardwired or wire-free installation

The SwannBuddy™ Video Doorbell offers 100% flexibility with installation. You can hardwire it to your home’s electrical circuit, thus ensuring it never runs out of power. Or you can simply attach it to your door without connecting it to the wires, ie, battery-based installation. If you opt for battery operation, you can be guaranteed several months of power at one stretch, following which you’ll need to recharge the device. You can select the installation style that’s most convenient for you.

Never miss a visitor with the chime unit consisting of 6 pleasant melodies

The SwannBuddy™ Video Doorbell comes with a chime unit that features 6 pleasant melodies. Whenever someone rings the doorbell, the chime unit will release your chosen melody to inform you about the visitor. The chime unit runs on 2 x AA batteries, and it has a range of 20 meters, so you can place it anywhere in your home. You can also instruct your video doorbell to start recording whenever someone rings the doorbell.

Works with sirens, leak sensors, motion sensors, and window/ door sensors

The SwannBuddy™ Video Doorbell is completely compatible with all other Swann home security products, including the siren, leak alert sensor, motion alert sensor, and window/door alert sensors. As such, you receive notifications whenever there are leaks, signs of unexpected motion, or when your windows and doors are opened. All the smart home devices interact with each other, ensuring complete smart home compatibility. You can also control the devices using smart assistants, such as Google and Alexa.

Affordable means of compiling a smart home security system – starting at £29.99

Swann home security products are some of the most effective and least expensive devices on the market. Because of these devices, you can start compiling your smart home security system at an incredibly affordable rate of only £29.99. Below, we provide an overview of the cost of different Swann home security products.

  • The SwannBuddy™ Video Doorbell: £179.99 from the Swann Store.
  • The Swann Home Security Bundle: £169.99 (includes the Siren, Leak Alert Sensor, Motion Alert Sensor, and Window/Door Alert Sensor).
  • The Swann sensors, available separately: £29.99 to £57.99, depending on the product.

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