7 apps I can’t live without for Android and iOS

I may write a lot about phones for a living but I’m surprisingly low-key when it comes to using a lot of different apps. Rather I have a core suite of apps that I have on a clutch of phones, including some of the best Android phones as well as my iPhone 13 Pro.

My focus with smartphones tends to be on their native features — say display settings or camera modes — rather than using them as a platform for a vast amount of different apps. With that in mind, the following apps are very much my essential apps, and the first things I’ll install or pop on a home screen when setting up a new smartphone.

1. Google Maps

(Image credit: Shutterstock)

This is probably the most obvious app to anyone, but while it’s native to pretty much every Android phone, Google Maps is the first app I’ll install on a new iOS device. Apple Maps has come a long way over the past few years and is a perfectly decent service. But Google Maps has yet to let me down and I feel it’s the superior mapping service.

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