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The Atari VCS has just received a massive OS update, bringing plenty of new features to the living room PC.

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The Atari VCS computer-console is the 2021 version of the gaming giant’s classic home video game system. The original brought affordable arcade gaming to the masses, right in the comfort of their collective living room.

Now, the latest iteration of the VCS plans to bring all that and more, and with its latest software update, it is certainly making the Atari VCS a formidable force. Want to know more about how the latest OS update is set to completely change your VCS experience? Read on.

What Are the New Atari VCS OS’ Features?

The latest version of the Atari VCS OS went live on March 21st, and it brings with it a feature set that will almost certainly improve the user experience with the console. So what do those features entail? Here’s the lowdown:

  • Leaderboards: One quality of life feature that Atari is rolling out with the new VCS update is leaderboards. That’s right, if you want to play Centipede Recharged competitively, you can. So test your mettle against all other Atari VCS owners and see if you come out on top. Leaderboards will be available for the VCS’ “recharged” titles, so Centipede Recharged, Missile Command Recharged, and Black Widow Recharged.
  • Friends Profiles: You can now enjoy an expanded public profile, which makes it much easier to connect with other VCS users, so you can play games together and share the Atari VCS experience with a more community-driven feel.
  • Stella/Atari 2600 Integration: Atari has added Stella—the popular Atari 2600 emulator—to the OS software, so now you can enjoy emulated Atari 2600 games natively, straight from the Stella option you’ll find in your Atari VCS app store for download straight away. This will bring classic and new, first and third-party titles to the system.
  • Dashboard Notifications: When one of your VCS friends comes online, you probably want to know, so you can challenge them to a game (or play some co-op, if you prefer). Now you’ll know, because the Atari VCS OS latest update includes dashboard notifications. So you’ll know when you need to update your console without checking your settings.
  • USB Camera Support: Cementing its position as the ultimate living room PC for productivity, Atari has added USB camera support to the latest update. Now, you can use the device to make Google Meet calls, as well as accessing the full suite of Google apps, natively, from the console!


There is also a private beta heading out for selected developers to test game dev software on the VCS, meaning people may soon be developing VCS games straight from the device.

So, a nice selection of features are heading to the console. Beats the usual “this update improves system stability”, right?

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How to I Get the Latest Atari VCS Update?

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You don’t actually need to do anything to get the latest Atari VCS update. OK, you do, but nothing more complex than turning your device on. When you do, your VCS will automatically search for any updates available. If there are updates to download and install, the console will do all of this for you, so you don’t need to worry.

Just let the update process run and, once your console resets, you’ll have the new features mentioned above.

Update Your Atari VCS, Now

If you want to enjoy these new features, and challenge your VCS pals to a leaderboard smashing spree on Black Widow Recharged, you can. Just update your console and away you go!

atari vcs fuji logo illuminated

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