5 Changes Sony Should Consider If They Ever Release A PS5 Pro

Having newer versions of one console that either looks different or performs better has been done before, in fact, both the PS1 and PS2 were some of the earliest consoles to have a refresh mid-way through their life cycle. However, both console refreshes were primary cosmetics with both consoles having a sleeker appearance which in turn made them cheaper, allowing players to play great-looking games at the time without spending so much money. During the eighth generation of consoles which included the Xbox One and the PS4 Both console makers put out a slim version of their consoles which again were half the price of the main one, but both console makers did something different during that generation and that was release beefer versions of their respective consoles.

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Both the Xbox One X and the PS4 Pro featured better specs, albeit were priced higher than their standard version but the cost came with significantly better specs like 4k gaming and higher frame rate which put the consoles much close to their PC counterparts. Now during the early years of the ninth generation of consoles, both consoles makers haven’t released a more powerful version of their consoles, but most players can assume that they are coming. The PS5 specifically is an already powerful console, so a pro version of that console will be a huge difference both better and more convenient, and here are the things that we think the PS5 Pro should have which will make the console better than its counterpart.

5 Higher Resolution and Frame Rate

The PS5 can support 8K already, however, there are a lot of limitations, while the console can output 8K on a monitor that can do 8K, the PS5 doesn’t really give players that higher resolution outright. The console doesn’t support 8K natively meaning players can natively play games in 4K out of the box regardless of the monitor they have. However, in future updates games can be 8K but that could be up to Sony if they want to unlock the full potential. Also since the PS5 has 8K, it’s still locked at 60fps while some higher-end PC’s can do 8k and higher frame rates, since console gaming is much more accessible to players than PC gaming is having the PS5 Pro With 8K and higher frames could make gaming on the console a lot more exciting and competitive.

Even games that already have that boost of 60 fps at 4K initially, getting another boost on the newer console, then those games will look amazing. Plus games are constantly going cross-play meaning players can play with their friends regardless of the console they’re initially on this can ruin gameplay for players on consoles since PC players are playing at a higher framerate which gives them an advantage over the console players. So if the beef PS5 would equalize for players on the console, which could make those online matches more competitive and fun.


4 More SSD Space

The PS5 already has built-in SSD space which is rather much different than the PS4 Meaning the built-in memory was just above 800 gigabytes, the space is there with the intention of players expanding the memory of the console which is the PS5 allows. However, as games are getting bigger and bigger players have started to notice current games can be upwards of 100 gigabytes, with open-world games specifically, plus getting the PS5 patch for many games which increases the size, player’s SSD drives will start to fill up quicker forcing them to delete some great games to make space more often.

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However, if the newer console has a much larger SSD drive then players wouldn’t need to worry about it filling up and would only need to delete it every so often, this expansion of memory would work a lot for the digital-only version since players need more space to store games so having more memory, in general, is great. If players don’t want to open up the PS5, they can utilize the higher storage space a lot more.

3 Upgrading The Controller

The Dualsense 5 is probably one of the most innovative controllers to date, something Sony has been doing each iteration of their consoles with the PS4 Dualsense having built-in speakers and a light bar which some games have used. Building on those additions like having Bluetooth technology, Sony has haptic triggers on the Duelsense 5 which many games like Astro’s Playroom use, it’s a great way for players to get better immersed in games that they’re playing because it makes them more real.

This can allow players to get a better feel of the game they are playing because the triggers and controller itself give them a better feel of what the game is conveying. While the Dualsense 5 has a lot of cool features which makes gaming a lot more fun, but it comes at a cost and that has to do with battery life. Much like the Dualsense 4, the Dualsense 5 has a rather short battery life opting for players to have it connected all the time or spend a lot of money to get a replacement. However, if Sony uses Xbox’s concept in offering rechargeable batteries that players can buy and put in the controller it’ll not give them a reason to hold on to the controller but also spend a lot less money.

2 Adding Storage Easy

This component is rather easy but the difficulty depends on how tech-savvy the player is but getting more space after players have gotten the console is always a good idea because players can hold on to some great games on the PS5 more permanently. Just like the PS4, the PS5 needs players to open up the console and slot where the SSD drive is located, this seems like something can be easily done, however, if players are not careful they may break a socket.

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On top of that, some players may not want to open up the PS5, because they could feel like it would take time and some players may not feel comfortable with doing that. So on the PS5 Pro version if Sony provides players with an easier way to do such a thing as a port that does not need the players to open up the console, then players could confidently add more storage to play some games.

1 A Slimmer Design

Following the tradition of the older Playstations, Sony should have a redesign that’s much smaller while the PS5 as it is now is rather heavy and has a hard time fitting into spaces. If players would like to take the PS5 to a friend’s house to play some great couch co-op games it can be cumbersome and wouldn’t fit in a backpack. While having a stronger console would constitute making it slightly bigger much like the PS4 Pro, the stronger PS5 Pro could drop down a ton of weight and maybe make the front somewhat thinner allowing the console to be moved with ease.

Just like the PS4, the PS5 has noise issues, however, the slim PS4 did away with that and the PS4 Pro had some noise issues depending on what games would be played. A console redesign would allow that issue to go away because there are some games on the PS5 that are more demanding than others and would make the system sound much louder than it’s supposed to be, so the good thing about a redesign is that players can move the console more and tuck it away better and that noise and dust issues will potentially go away .

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